Folks, scrolling through the Mary Morstan tag, now seems a good time for the Babes to talk about the Pineapple Principle.

Let’s say that you adore grapes.  Green ones, possibly, this being the Sherlock fandom.  Yeah?

You’re walking down the street, and you have a ziplock bag full of muthafuckin green grapes, and you are loving life.  You are snacking on the grapes.  You are happy.  They are delicious.  (Let’s say for instance they taste like Johnlock.)

Now let’s say, in the course of your stroll, you encounter a fruit vendor selling a pineapple to a pedestrian.



You’re saying you probably wouldn’t do that?

Then it would behoove you to apply the same rubric to tumblr posts.  Like things, dislike things, all you like.  Talk about them!  Discuss your feelings!  But if you considered adhering to the Pineapple Principle, it would be a lot easier for us all to get along.

This has been a Baker Street Babes PSA.


Rachael’s 221b-inspired living room. Here are a list of the components that make up this modern Baker Street remix…

Poodle not available for purchase.

Arthur Conan Doyle, writer
  • Arthur Conan Doyle, writer
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography podcast: Arthur Conan Doyle, writer

Conan Doyle’s fiction made astonishing progress in the early 1880s. He learned the economics of the short story from the work of Guy de Maupassant and from the Edinburgh medical journals with their logical progress from case-statement to collection of symptoms, rival diagnoses, and finally to ultimate conclusion and explanation. His first translation of these techniques into fiction ended in what is now called A Study in Scarlet. The story brought together Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson for the first time and a lifelong series was launched.

The story of Arthur Conan Doyle is one of over 200 episodes available from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography’s podcast archive. New episodes are released every second Wednesday.

Image: Portrait of Arthur Conan Doyle, The Canadian Magazine. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Into The Hive Mind: BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ And The Adventures Of The Fandom That Waited…

"The BSBs run a podcast, appear at conventions and different events—plus, they talk about canon and Sherlockiania quite often, are all young and female and I just want to follow them everywhere and shower glitter and love and flowers onto them, because they do all this for free like I do, and spend time working on this because they genuinely love the fandom, and have done something rather impressive with a so-called ‘hobby.’ They also have a Tumblr, a Twitter and a complete collection of their podcasts can be found on iTunes or listened to online."

Great article and such an honor to be mentioned!


Rachael couldn’t resist donning a sheet during a recent trip to Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon.

Have YOU submitted a photo? Enter our contest by July 15th [that’s next Monday!] for a chance at some really cool prizes & our eternal love. Submit via our website, our email, our tumblr or tag with #threepatchsheet. Good luck! 

IHOSE #51: Who Is a Sherlockian?
  • IHOSE #51: Who Is a Sherlockian?
  • Scott Monty & Burt Wolder
  • I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

We thought we’d stir up the discussions a bit and try to get to the bottom of a couple of controversies that have been roiling the world of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts (we’re careful to say neither “fans” nor “devotees” at this juncture).

The first item of interest that grabbed our attention in early 2013 was the so-called “Free Sherlock” movement. Summed up, this is basically an issue that is being brought to court via a case titled Klinger vs. Conan Doyle Estate, in which Leslie Klinger, BSI (“The Abbey Grange”) is contesting the Conan Doyle Estate’s claim that any new content that contains Sherlock Holmes must pay a royalty or license fee to the Estate. Burt and Scott parse through some of the non-technical/legal aspects of the case and discuss what’s at stake.

Speaking of being at stake, the other item on the docket is the debate as to what in fact constitutes a Sherlockian of good standing? That is, can one have arrived at the doorstep of 221B Baker Street via the BBC series (or Granada, or Universal, etc.) or must one have been schooled only in the printed literature and dress the part of a 1940s joiner? It’s quite a debate - one that was taken up vehemently by The Baker Street Babes earlier this year, after the “Elite Devotee Redux” was published in recently resurrected  Saturday Review of Literature. We offer our own humble observations on the matter.

For those who wish to subscribe to the publication and read all of the very interesting articles therein, you may procure a copy by sending $5 postpaid to Donald K. Pollock, 521 College Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY 14305. An image of the cover and inside cover can be seen below.

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp: We purposefully revisited the same Gas-Lamp (Vol. 3, No. 2, OS) that we shared on Episode 15, because Edgar Smith’s “Who is a Baker Street Irregular?” seemed to strike the same chord some 65 years later.



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New Episode on Sunday - Nigel Bruce

Just as Basil Rathbone is the image of Sherlock Holmes for generations of fans, actor Nigel Bruce is the definitive Dr. John H. Watson. Bruce played Holmes’ loyal biographer and assistant in fourteen films and hundreds of radio plays. On the next episode of the podcast, we’ll pay a belated birthday tribute to the man who helped to make the good doctor a household name. We’ll hear Nigel Bruce as Watson alongside Basil Rathbone as Holmes in “The Amateur Mendicant Society” (originally aired on Mutual on April 2, 1945). Then, Bruce has top billing with Tom Conway as Sherlock in “The Singular Affair of the Dying Schoolboys” (originally aired on ABC on November 9, 1946). The dispatch box is opened in Episode 99 - My Dear Watson,available Sunday, February 15th!

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And, in case you missed it, click here for last week’s episode featuring Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.


Ah, Sherlockian love. Roger Johnson & Jean Upton are nothing short of a Sherlockian fairy tale, and two of the nicest people in the world. They’re a wealth of Sherlockian anecdotes and trivia and we were lucky enough to sit down with them late last year in their home, which is nothing short of a Sherlockian museum! Major members of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Roger joined Curly & Kafers on The Today Show, and is pretty much the public face of the SHSL. Join us in this lovely episode and learn about the SHSL, that time they went to the Granada studios and met JEREMY BRETT AND EDWARD HARDWICKE AND EVERYONE, and more (including being on the BBC Sherlock set). Seriously, this episode will warm the cockles of your heart. (btw by the end of it we have each had a full bottle of wine…)



Babes Curly, Kafers and Ardy chat to Roger Johnson and Jean Upton from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. We talk about the decades of their involvement with the Sherlockian world in Britain and the US, discuss new and old Holmes adaptations on screen, in the theatre, and on the radio, and take a detour into classic movies.

They’ve met a lot of people involved in Sherlockian things, including Jeremy Brett and David Burke, so stay tuned for a bunch of charming stories and anecdotes across the ages. This episode was recorded in late 2012.

You can buy Roger & Jean’s book, A Holmes Miscellany, at the bookshop of your choice, or over here on Amazon

Anyone can join The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, find out more at




Babes Lyndsay, Curly, & Amy chat with two of the team behind racebent comic Watson & Holmes.

WATSON & HOLMES is a modern urban take on the tales of “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Re-envisioning Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson as African Americans and taking place in New York City’s famous Harlem district, the stories can go in fresh and new directions never traveled before.

Follow the Watson & Holmes team on Twitter at @NPStudios or @bperlowNPS (Brandon Perlow, co-creator) & @jgdude (Justin F. gabrie, senior editor)

Check out and

Rick, Brandon and Paul also did an interview with with Comics are Great!

Buy Watson & Holmes #1 on ComiXology ($0.99) or at your local comic shop!

Buy Baker Street: Honor Among Punks on Amazon


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The Baker Street Babes want to thank everyone who was so very kind to us at 221B Con and introduce our newest Babe at the same time we give you our second annual live episode:

Ashley Polasek and Sherlockian Film Through the Ages

In this podcast, we discuss Watson’s progression from absentee to “life partner,” trends in Sherlockian adaptations through the ages, how much better Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Evil should have been, the vastly underrated importance of Nigel Bruce, and much more!  We thank the 221B Con organizers very kindly for allowing us live podcast time, and everyone who was there in the audience for being absolute peaches.

Ashley Polasek is an “Aca-Sherlockian,” happily living at the crossroads of academia, traditional Sherlockiana, and contemporary fandom. She has spoken about Sherlock Holmes at academic conferences across the US, UK, and continental Europe, and has published in peer reviewed journals and academic texts relating Holmes to a multitude of literary and film studies topics; she will graduate with her PhD on adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in July of 2014. Ashley is a member of both The Diogenes Club of Washington D.C. and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and has attended BSI and ASH events for many years. She has published in the Baker Street Journal, and was a speaker at the “Behind the Canonical Screen” conference in Los Angeles in 2012; she will co-edit (with Lyndsay Faye) the conference’s companion volume for the BSI Press. Ashley has been interviewed about Sherlock Holmes on The Baker Street Babes podcast, CNN International, and CBS Sunday Morning. 

If you follow Babes, Ashley can be found on Twitter @SherlockPhd!  

The What: Live podcast, interview, Q&A, and happy fun time.

The Who: The Baker Street Babes (Curly, Lyndsay, Taylor, Amy, & Sarah) plus Cara McGee (areyoutryingtodeduceme)

The Where: 221b Con, Centennial Ballroom NUMBER ONE!

The When: 10AM on Sunday the 14th. It’s OK if you’re still hungover. We will be too. Or still drunk.

The Why: To be epic.

Following on the success of our live podcast at SHERLOPALOOZA, we’re doing one at 221b Con! This time our guest is Cara McGee, artist and tea lady extraordinaire, and we’ll be chatting with her as well as doing a Q&A with the audience. You’ll not only be able to ask her questions, but us a well! (maybe we’ll make Cara interview us ;))

Awwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Also, this will be a momentous ocassion and it’ll be the first time some of the BSBs will be meeting each other! Like many of you, we became friends on the internet, and while many of us have been so lucky to live nearby one another (in London & NYC), Lyndsay, Curly, and Taylor have never met Amy or Sarah! So it’s going to be a party.

We’re going to be in the BIG ballroom at the con, so there should be plenty of seats, but mark it down in your con agendas!

Don’t forget to register for 221b Con at and look at the schedule grid for planning purposes! It will be recorded for those who cannot be there in person.




BREAKING:  The Baker Street Babes have been nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Podcaster alongside This American Life, Night Vale, Radiolab, Jovem Nerd, Elon James White, and Steve Black Jr.


We are so very honored and humbled by this recognition of our contributions to podcasting and social media outreach.  The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the nominees today and we couldn’t be more proud to be included in such stellar company.

Click here to see the full list of Shorty nominees…

We have YOU TO THANK FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT.  We have YOU TO THANK, for your generosity in giving us your time and attention and support and love. 

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Sherlock Holmes fandom, for having made this possible.  Virtual hugs to every single one of you, both for voting and for listening. 

In episode 29, we’re looking at none other than the Smart One. That’s Mycroft Holmes, yes, but also Mark Gatiss! So if you’ve got recs for us, don’t be shy. Rec us fics, art, fanworks, and whatever else strikes your Mycroft/Gatissian fancy. Ships and ratings are open. Have a mystrade fic that didn’t make it into the mystrade episode we did in May? Dying to rec that johncroft fic you found this summer? Gotten into holmescest and don’t know what to do with all your recs? Got a Sherlock/League of Gentlemen fusion fic? Send them our way. Holmescest recs will feature in their own roundup, just FYI.

Send us your recs by email to or by submission to our tumblr, and remember to include links where possible. We’ll be collecting until Tuesday, October 28! Masterposts to come along with our episode, which drops on November 1.



And we lost to…um, This American Life is probably the best podcast ever.  So.  We are DEEPLY honored to have been included in such an elite crowd.  Our fellow nominees were also inspiring podcasts and we’re grateful to be thought of in the same category.

Here you see the two New York Babes, @lyndsayfaye and @stardustevangelist, rocking the red carpet and having live reactive emotions to awards won/lost and basically loving every minute of the event.  Thank you to ALL the fans who led us to this opportunity.  Thank you to the organizers and the judges and the open bar and the friendly strangers!  Thank you to every Sherlockian on earth, which is Who Would Have Been Thanked Had We Won.

(But especially to those last folks. <3)

221B Con Panel Recordings

We recorded a handful of panels we were on and will be releasing them as podcast specials in the upcoming weeks. Here’s the list!

  • Live Podcast with Cara McGee
  • Original Stories I
  • Elementary
  • Legalities and Ethics
  • SH vs. Jack the Ripper
  • Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes
  • BSI/Scions
  • Pastiche
  • Fanon: What The Hell Is Wrong With Us?
  • Watsons Through Time
  • Animated Holmes
  • Rats, Weddings, & Bows (now, this is SPOILER FILLED, so, in accordance with out previous policy, we won’t be releasing it on our podcast channel to respect those who don’t want spoilers or want to be near them. However, if people are interested in this audio, we can put it up for separate download.)