Into The Hive Mind: BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ And The Adventures Of The Fandom That Waited…

“The BSBs run a podcast, appear at conventions and different events—plus, they talk about canon and Sherlockiania quite often, are all young and female and I just want to follow them everywhere and shower glitter and love and flowers onto them, because they do all this for free like I do, and spend time working on this because they genuinely love the fandom, and have done something rather impressive with a so-called 'hobby.’ They also have a Tumblr, a Twitter and a complete collection of their podcasts can be found on iTunes or listened to online.”

Great article and such an honor to be mentioned!


Ah, Sherlockian love. Roger Johnson & Jean Upton are nothing short of a Sherlockian fairy tale, and two of the nicest people in the world. They’re a wealth of Sherlockian anecdotes and trivia and we were lucky enough to sit down with them late last year in their home, which is nothing short of a Sherlockian museum! Major members of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Roger joined Curly & Kafers on The Today Show, and is pretty much the public face of the SHSL. Join us in this lovely episode and learn about the SHSL, that time they went to the Granada studios and met JEREMY BRETT AND EDWARD HARDWICKE AND EVERYONE, and more (including being on the BBC Sherlock set). Seriously, this episode will warm the cockles of your heart. (btw by the end of it we have each had a full bottle of wine…)



Babes Curly, Kafers and Ardy chat to Roger Johnson and Jean Upton from the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. We talk about the decades of their involvement with the Sherlockian world in Britain and the US, discuss new and old Holmes adaptations on screen, in the theatre, and on the radio, and take a detour into classic movies.

They’ve met a lot of people involved in Sherlockian things, including Jeremy Brett and David Burke, so stay tuned for a bunch of charming stories and anecdotes across the ages. This episode was recorded in late 2012.

You can buy Roger & Jean’s book, A Holmes Miscellany, at the bookshop of your choice, or over here on Amazon

Anyone can join The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, find out more at