sherlock spoilers

Can we take a moment to talk about how Sherlock’s real first name is William?


Did he used to call himself Bootstrap Bill when he was younger when he was pretending to be a pirate? 

Like, did his mom and dad call him Billy until one day, after they put Redbeard down, he told them he wanted to be called Sherlock from now on? Because after that, being a pirate wasn’t fun anymore.

Because what was the point of being a pirate if he didn’t have Redbeard with him? 

And by changing his name to and becoming Sherlock, he was able to harden his shell and expel emotions. He pushed away his dreams of becoming a pirate, all those feelings he had, all that sentiment, locking them away with Billy and focused on his intellect.

Where Mycroft stepped in, teaching Sherlock how to hone his skills: How to master his brain and the world around him. Allowing Billy to slip farther and farther away, and allow Sherlock to come to the surface.

And now, whenever Sherlock gets in too deep, Mycroft reminds him of Redbeard. To keep Sherlock from hurting himself again. 

To keep Billy from coming back. 


I absolutely adore John and Sherlock’s reactions in this scene, because they are the opposite of how they would behave if they were sober.  In response to the client speculating that her date wasn’t as keen as she was, John gives a not very sympathetic ‘can you imagine that?’ reaction.  Meanwhile, Sherlock almost sheds empathetic tears with her.


Billy Kincaid, the Camden Garrotter. Best man I ever knew. Vast contributions to charity, never disclosed. Personally managed to save three hospitals from closure and ran the best and safest children’s homes in north England. Yes, every now and again there’d be some garrottings, but stacking up the lives saved against the garrottings, on balance I’d say -

For my wedding! For me. I need a best man. Maybe not a garrotter.


Let’s talk about John.  If I burden myself with a little helpmate during my adventures it is not out of sentiment or caprice.  It is that he has many fine qualities of his own that he has overlooked in his obsession with me.

He settled her into the carrier, facing forward so that she could see what he was working on as he faced the wall above the sofa.

"Want to help me with this case?" he asked. "Just came in this morning. I think I’ve got it but I’ll run it by you."

- The Godfather by dietplainlite/soyeahso

If you ever want me to draw something for you just write about Baby Watson in a papoose it’s literally all I care about