Our group film is up!  Everyone watch Grounded, everyone worked really hard to make this!  View the video on vimeo to see everyone who worked on it!


Here’s my finished film, Solace!

This film was a real challenge… I am not a strong animator and I rather paint backgrounds and design characters instead! Despite this, I learned so much these past 8 months, especially in vis dev since it coincided with Motivarti! So I have to give a big thanks to Griz for mentoring me with designs, getting me on my feet in painting backgrounds and nailing composition in the first 2 months. 

Thanks to my composer Christian Caldeira for creating such a beautiful score, Joonas Turner for amazing sound design and voicing Habbi, and my friend Rosemary for screaming her pretty lungs out in the studio for Kali! 


(Hope the thumbnail works now! sorry for repost)


created by Miranda Yeo   Music by Joshua Deneberg

A young girl learns the old adage of be careful what you wish for…

Here is my thesis film! I’m not the strongest animator, so I’m really proud of myself for seeing this through all the way to the end! The ending was the most satisfying part to do - I hope you enjoy it!


hello internet, it’s party time.

here’s my thesis film, watch the heck out of it online. (and also in september at the ottawa international film festival, chico shortz fest in LA and varna fest if you happen to be in bulgaria?!)