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More Art Monday: May, the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary   

For ages, artists have sought to capture and honor the Virgin Mary through all types of mediums. Here are some of our absolute favorites from our collection.

Blessing the Melon (The Indians Bring the Harvest to Christian Mary for Her Blessing),” c. 1918, Marsden Hartley

Virgin and Child,” c. 1500, Workshop of Andrea Della Robbia

The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, with Saints Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua,” 18th Century, Follower of Diego Quispe Tito

The Annunciation,” 1898, Henry Ossawa Tanner

The Divine Shepherdess,” Late 18th Century, José Campeche y Jordán

Virgin and Angels Adoring the Christ Child,” c. 1460-70s, Luca Della Robbia



1. Amaryllis: used in classical pastoral poetry as a conventional name for a shepherdess.

2. Botany: any of several chiefly tropical American bulbous plants of the genus Hippeastrum grown as ornamentals for their large, showy, funnel-shaped, variously colored flowers that are grouped in umbels.

3. Belladonna Lily: a bulbous, perennial southern African herb (Amaryllis belladonna) having showy umbels of large trumpet-shaped flowers that appear in the fall after the spring leaves die back.

4. any of several similar or related plants.  

Etymology: New Latin Amaryllis, genus name, from Latin, name of a shepherdess from Virgil’s Eclogues, from Greek Amarullis.

[Johann Baptist Hofner]