Came across this Shepherd mix today on a very busy highway. Saw her nearly get hit by a truck so I pulled over and coaxed her to me with some dog treats I had. She was pretty scared but calmed down when I lifted her into my truck. I had to get work so I took her to a feed store that was just up the road. They posted her photo online and her owner came by a few hours later! 😊❤️ (x)

In the 70’s they blamed the Dobermans. In the 80’s the German Shepherds. In the 90’s they blamed the Rottweilers. Now they blame Pit bulls. The animal is not to blame it’s the owner. There’s no such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner. Dogs don’t organize dog fights. Dogs don’t profit off dog fights. Dogs are the victims here. Seems like these days the victim is always blamed. Stop being ignorant. And stop the people who are organizing dog fights. Don’t blame the dog. Blame the person behind the dog.


#MuttMonday: New England Edition

Winnie- White River Junction, VT
German Shepherd Mix

This girl has been busy! Back in training since late February, our sweet girl has been working hard. She is excellent with toddlers, rough tween boys, and even chickens. She has such a kind and gentle side that she saved a baby bird 3 days in a row— poor thing kept falling out of the nest, Winn kept bringing it to mom in her gentle mouth. 

Winnie is likely 2 yr old, 65 lbs, has great bonding capacity, is very eager to please, and medium energy level. She is still a ‘project dog’ though and is fearful of new friends (human and furry). She take between 2-10 hours to calm down and make friends. Because of this, she needs an adopter in VT or NH who is willing to continue training with Paula at Good Dogma Training. WRAR is sponsoring her continued training after adoption! 

We are confident there is a perfect home out there for her so we hope our fans will share her post with their dog loving friends who may be looking for a new family member!

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NOTE: . WRAR will only adopt a puppy (under 5 months of age) to adopters that are either home ALL day long or can bring the puppy to work. There are NO exceptions to this. WRAR only adopts to adults over the age of 25.Our adoption donation is $450.00, this covers vetting and transport.