Day seven: Free day.

My fave (and possibly only) Kumo ship is Darui and C. Or Ceedee as I like to call it. And my favourite way to ship it is that they have been partners for so long, worked together so long and been through a lot of shit together, that they just kinda stuck. Somehow Darui’s stuff just ended up in C’s tidy apartment and he never really left. It isn’t romance that brought them together and it was convenience, comfort and familiarity. There’s no hand holding or sex or kissing (though maybe a little after the war because holy shit we’re still alive). Okay what I’m basically saying is I ship two dudes who live together and sleep in the same bed, they aren’t necessarily ace but they could be and they’re comfortable like that and haven’t really announced anything to anyone else because who cares. The only person who really does is Karui.


"And....he filled my life with love."

I just had to do this after I read the latest chapter. A kinda sequel to this. And because happy jinchuurikis don’t look at me. Naruto remembers everything Kushina told him. Especially the advice that Mito passed onto her. That the key to staying happy as a jinchuuriki is to fill yourself with love. Sooooo. Yes. Yeah. I know he’s talking about Sakura but let a fan dream okay. Textless versions here.

Happy late birthday Temari, 23/8

Whoops I’m a couple days late I should really write all of these in a calender or something. The sand sibs are really important to me, and big sis Temari is super important ;3;. I tried mashing together her old outfits, a bit of Kyoshi warriors and of course some kabuki. Kankuro finally convinced her to try the face paint. I always like to use warm colours for her and Gaara.