“Shine bright like a diamond”
I didnt know Chris, Deanna, any of the victims from this horrible accident that happened Saturday night: but I do know that Chris and Deanna will be missed greatly. They had their whole lives ahead of them, and they were taken away by just one’s persons mistake. This picture, shows that no matter what happens, your friends will always have your back. Shen is no longer just a school, they’re a family. Hundreds of people coming out in memory of two beautiful teenagers. After hearing about this story, it brought tears to my eyes. Knowing that two people’s lives were lost, that Matt and Bailey lost the loves of their lives, that their families and lives will never be the same ever again. There will always be that piece of them missing. To Chris and Deanna’s families: stay strong, I’m very sorry for your loss. As to Matt and Bailey, I’m praying really hard for you guys. Keep on fighting, and always remember that you have a whole community there for you, no matter what happens. People you’ve never even heard of are here for you, always having an open ear when you need to talk. You two are the strongest people I know. ❤

It would absolutely mean THE WORLD to the entire Shenendehowa High School Community if you could hashtag on twitter


So that Tom Daley may call Bailey Wind, a remarkable diver who is in the hospital due to injuries from a car accident involving a drunk driver.

We just got Tim Tebow to call Matt Hardy, another victim.

The other two students in the vehicle sadly passed away on Saturday.

PLEASE get this trending, it would mean the world to her and to us!!!!

Love to my shensoftball family, past, present, & future. When you hurt one, you hurt all. RIP Doots, watch over us up there. I pledge to NEVER drink and drive. #ShenStrong forever 💚⚾👼

Like many others have already, I really don’t mind if you unfollow me tonight.

I’m simply glad to be a part of something much bigger than myself and helping out someone who is in need of support and love.

Thank you all-much love (-: