This is my dog, Casey and he is my first pet. What’s nice about him is that he loves to play. He keeps our house safe. He likes to take care of his fellow mates as well as his owners. He, no doubt, is fun to be with. He has been with us for 9 years and still is very energetic.  When I need someone to talk to , I immediately go to him and tell him everything. Although he may not understand what we are saying, he still is able to comfort and help me through his body language. Just like a best friend, he is there no matter what. Love you my sweet pooch!

PS: Took this a while ago. He is such an obedient dog.


Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest VI Winner!

tempurafriedhappiness is the winner of handsomedogs’ 6th photography contest! Please take a look at the wonderful pictures of Evey, the Belgian Malinois, Kayla, the Shetland Sheepdog, and the late Epic, the Belgian Malinois, and follow to see these images on your dash!

Congratulations tempurafriedhappiness!

Thank you to all who participated!