Had a great time at the hobo hotel for cats charity auction! I found THE ONE rabbit related item (it’s a silver tray) and had to bid on it. Austin’s mom won a huge gift basket full of fall goodies from bath and body works for me. All proceeds go to helping the kitties so it’s for a good cause of course. Always happy to help animal shelters when I can! 



This is a high kill shelter in Chicago. They need to be fostered (or foster to adopt) through a rescue. There is a list of approved rescues linked in the photo. Mark your application to the rescue “URGENT”. 

If you cannot foster, please pledge on them and/or share them in case someone else sees them who can foster.

Animal control really shows how disgusting people are. Someone was evicted from their house and just left all of their animals behind. Their cages were disgusting and probably were just left for dead. Luckily an officer got a call on the property and now 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle, a guinea pig and a bird are in our care.

Im sorry but if i lost my house, we’d be living all together in my car no questions asked.

I just tell keep telling myself that we’re meant to be, just not right now.
Because something always brings me back to you.
—  He has a girlfriend, I’ve got a boyfriend. I’m happy, so is he. But I still think we are meant to be. The feelings we share can’t be for nothing.

The City of Atlanta on Friday demanded a controversial downtown homeless shelter pay $600,000 for long-overdue water bills or go dry in a week — hours after rejecting a $100,000 payment.

In horrifying news, Atlanta seems to be trying to shut down the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter, which provides hundreds of people with a place to sleep.

The above article mentions “the city and its allies in the downtown business community and neighborhood associations [have] long wanted the shelter closed.” State Senator Vincent Fort points out the shamelessness with which Mayor Kasim Reed will shell out $300 million for a stadium but considers $400k a dealbreaker for a homeless shelter.

It does bear pointing out that Peachtree-Pine has a long history of problems and criticism of its management.

Introducing… Hearts of Clay!

a brand new forum for porcelain bjds of all kinds!

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Please help us spread word of the new forum!  You can repost these images to your flickr, facebook, tumblr, etc.  Make sure you include the artist credits and a link to Hearts of Clay.  Thank you!

Photo credits, left->right, top->bottom (please don’t delete!)

Forgotten Hearts Doll by Aiis & Gamalier Bravo, photo by Hazy Eyes and Dolls on Flickr

Delicacy Doll by Alina Ivanova

Paperwhite Doll by Teri, photo by me, Tiny Jewels Shop

Doll by Sofia Mityaeva, photo by Hazy Eyes and Dolls on Flickr

Doll by Maryna Skubenko, photo by Hazy Eyes and Dolls on Flickr

SisterFox doll by Valery, photo by Melissa Mehan on Flickr

Doll by Lee Sangmi

Doll by Anna Kucherenko

Immortal Classique by Nune

Higher Delights Dolls by Kelly Sparks Salchli

Doll by Olesia

Lutsenko Dolls by Анастасия Луценко

ShirrStone Shelter by Olga and Nikolay

Dea Vivante by Anya Kozlova

BiDolls by Nuri

ViktoriyaArt by Vika Vika

OrendaDoll by Crystal Woudenberg Bernard

Open Dolls by Elena Akimova

Serenity Kingdom by Anna Tide

Beautiful Beasts by Sabine Vogel

BJTales by Lidia Snul

PulheriaDoll by Юлия Коротеева

JRDolls by Julia R

Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

Vivid Doll by Polina Myalovskaya, photo by Hazy Eyes and Dolls on Flickr

Springbud Doll by Angelika Balan, photo by Hazy Eyes and Dolls on Flickr

Angel Egg Doll by Marmite Sue

Dragonfly Works Doll by Ana Salvador

My local volunteer group is looking for toy donations to distribute to the kids at one of our local homeless shelters. I would like to take this a step further and make sure every child also receives a book during the holidays. 

So yeah, my local group is doing one of those toy donation box things for Christmas (yes, they say holidays, but we all know Santa will be involved). 

I want to see these kids get a book as well. Book ownership has repeatedly been directly shown to affect literacy rates, reading levels, and scholastic ability. These affects are especially marked in low income and other at-risk children.

Please help me get these kids their own books to read and love. It’s not just important for the here and now, but will directly affect their future. If you cannot help, please signal boost.