asoiaf meme: (1/3) legends ➝ THE BUILDING OF STORM’S END

The songs said that Storm’s End had been raised in ancient days by Durran, the first Storm King, who had won the love of the fair Elenei, daughter of the sea god and the goddess of the wind. On the night of their wedding, Elenei had yielded her maidenhood to a mortal’s love and thus doomed herself to a mortal’s death, and her grieving parents had unleashed their wrath and sent the winds and waters to batter down Durran’s hold. His friends and brothers and wedding guests were crushed beneath collapsing walls or blown out to sea, but Elenei sheltered Durran within her arms so he took no harm, and when the dawn came at last he declared war upon the gods and vowed to rebuild. […] No matter how the tale was told, the end was the same. Though the angry gods threw storm after storm against it, the seventh castle stood defiant, and Durran Godsgrief and fair Elenei dwelt there together until the end of their days.

Minnie is a darling girl with a mysterious condition: feline hyperesthesia. 

This means Minnie needs a house full of peace and quiet.  We’re talking zen levels of peace and quiet.   According to her buddies at Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue in San Francisco, she would do best as your one and only, in a nice, laid back home.

But her condition doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves to do: eat, play, snuggle! In this crazy, wired world, where everyone is tied to their cellphones and tablets and emails and everything else, wouldn’t you love to come home to a zen-cat?  Where you could sit back and relax, and Minnie could snuggle in your arms and purr the night away? 

If that sounds like an awesome plan to you, call Maria at 415-794-6663!

I can’t promise you a life of sunshine,
I can’t promise riches, wealth, or gold,
I can’t promise you an easy pathway
That leads away from change or growing old, But …..
I can promise all my heart’s devotion,
A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow,
A love that’s ever true and ever growing,
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow,
Two loving arms to shelter and protect you,
The knowledge that I need you more than ever,
And all the happiness that love can give you
As, hand in hand,we walk through life together…
—  Lexx

“I will never forget the time when you
shelter me using your arms–
like you make a home out of
your bruised skin.

I never really get wet when
the rain falls over
our mingling bodies–
but inside of me,
a storm is starting
to shower its lightnings


you stabbed me and cried acting like you were the one that was bleeding.

 i am being trapped in a pool of dark isolation–struck still. 

separated from groups of close bonds, 

like woven clothes, closely sewn together. 

i was the loose yarn–the leftovers

 dangling from the cloth always ready to fall off, 

but too ashamed to do it. 

she was my best friend, after i had been forgotten by another. 

took me into her welcoming arms–shelter. 

laughing, smiling, dancing, connecting. 

i should’ve known these things do not last forever. 

people change like the weather, 

we are unpredictable, 

but it is inevitable. 

a dandelion was a symbol of our friendship; 

the seeds started as a bunch, but when the wind swept us away, 

our bond was not strong enough to stay together as we flew away as separates,

 growing into distinct flowers–we are not seeds anymore. 

i do not want to be forgotten, 

for i am lost i am in a dark pool of isolation, 

no one can find me, no one seems to know i am not there. 

but when do people really notice?


How could you do this, you took my backbone that was holding me together, you took my everything, you took my reason to smile, how could you do this? You were my soulmate, you were my best friend, you were my past, my present, my future. I can’t lie, I could be the strongest, but you were my weakness, now I feel like I am flying with broken wings in the middle of the ocean , how could you take my life away? How could you make an earthquake in my heart? You were my happiness , my life, my love , my arms in shelter, how could you make me this sad if all I ever did was to take away your tears, now I am drowning in my owns, how could you? You were my travel companion to the sunsets, now you are my tragedy in every sunny day. How could you? If I would never do it to u, how could you have chosen something more important than me, if you were the most important thing in mine? How could you ? If you were my everything, and now I am in emptiness. How could you Given my temple away? How much pain could a man take when those who he protected, were taking away from him? How could you make me so sad if all I ever did was to make you smile, how could you take my life away from me? I miss my heart. If I could leave right now in this moment, I would go and never come back, cause even the air breaths my life away cause everything I see , I see you guys, how could you ? I was your pillow, and now an stranger,how could you break me and walk away, how could you ? If u were my everything, #art #painting #streetart #beautiful #beautiful #gallery #magazine #skill #designer #tattoo #tattooing #surf #surfing #clothing #ink #losangeles #newyork #folllowme #style #fashion #sunset #summer #beach #detail #impression

“Lady of the silver moon
Enchantress of the night
Protect me and mine within this circle fairly cast.
Earth Mother, mother of the sleeping earth,
Keep safe all who gather here
Within the protective shelter of your arms”.

Madelyn Alt

When i saw you at that party where i didn’t know anyone but you ,you were more unfamiliar to me than the people who were there .Your fluttering eyes though gave me some sparkles of the feeling you used to make me feel when we were together.That feeling when it was just me and you and nobody else,the feeling of being home.You were my home and your arms my shelter.You left me homeless or let’s say i’ve chosen to be homeless because i know that nobody’s touch will make me be as crazy in love as i was with you ,my beloved.
—  Kyri.Patera

I get along without you very well
Of course I do
Except when soft rains fall
And drip from leaves that I recall
The thrill of being sheltered in your arms
Of course I do
But I get along without you very well
I’ve forgotten you just like I should
Of course I have
Except to hear your name
Or someones laugh that is the same
But I’ve forgotten you just like I should
What a guy
What a fool am I
To think my breaking heart could kid the moon
Whats in store
Should I fall once more
No its best that I stick to my tune
I get along without you very well
Of course I do
Except perhaps in spring
But I should never think of spring
For that would surely break my heart in two

anonymous asked:

For a long moment Rene was a statue, not responding to the embrace. Slowly his arms moved, as if they were made of lead, clinging to the younger man and weeping onto their shoulder. The joy of the dance was gone, taken away in a single instant.

As Rene clung to him and began to cry, all Alexei could do was hold him close, stroking lightly at his hair and back. He didn’t say a word. There wasn’t anything to say. He couldn’t help other than be there for him, hold him gently and try to be there for him. He kissed hair gently, trying to offer him comfort and shelter in his arms. 

I don’t need you to fight my battles, just take care of my wounds afterwards. I don’t need you to be my sunshine, but to remind me it exists when it’s stormy. I don’t need you to safe me but to give me shelter in your arms when I need a break of saving myself. I don’t need you to protect me but to be my companion on my way through life.
—  And I’m all the same for you (dp)

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Estella volunteering at a pet shelter/playing with animals?


Estella Volunteering at an Animal Shelter

Her bare arms and legs were plastered with dog saliva. Her thighs were raked with red welts from dull-claws pawing at her for treats and pets. Her t-shirt was splattered with muddy paw-prints.

She was chasing an excitable Pit-bull and a playful Labrador around the exercise pen, trying to tempt them with biscuits and tug-of-war ropes. Volunteering as a recipient instead was a stubby-legged Beagle, ducking between Estella’s ankles and causing her to trip. 

Pleased that the girl was down to their level at last, all three dogs were upon her, licking her face, sniffing her hair and bounding merrily over her.

She spit grass out her mouth and chuckled, scratching the Pit-bull’s ears and stroking the neck of the Lab that had nosed his way under her arm.


In honor of Spring being here!
And in the Springtime of the year, When the trees are crowned with leaves, When the Ash and Oak, and the Birch and Yew Are dressed in ribbons fair. When owls call the breathless moon In the blue veil of the night, The shadows of the trees appear Amidst the lantern light. Who will go down to those shady groves And summon the shadows there? And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms In the Springtime of the year? The songs of birds seem to fill the wood That when the fiddler plays, All their voices can be heard Long past their woodland days. And so they linked their hands and danced ‘Round in circles and in rows. And so the journey of the night descends When all the shades are gone. “A garland gay we bring you here, And at your door we stand. Here’s a sprout, well budded out: The work of Our Lord’s hand!” We’ve been rambling all the night And some time of this day. Now returning back again, We bring a garland gay.

“She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cozy bed, and to love and be loved in return.”

#whitagram #smoke #iloveweed Lady of the silver moon
Enchantress of the night
Protect me and mine within this circle fairly cast.
Earth Mother, mother of the sleeping earth,
Keep safe all who gather here
Within the protective shelter of your arms.

By the earth that is Her body,
By the air that is Her breath,
By the fire that is Her bright spirit,
And by the living waters of Her womb,
Our circle is cast,
None shall come to harm here,
From any forces,
On any level.

As we will,
So shall it be done.
As we will,
So mote it be.
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