Yo, ATL area friends and foes. As a y’all may know I work as a kennel manager for ACH and well I take care of long term boards, but recently an excellent client of ours has had major health issues. Two of his other dogs have been adopted already, but this is Libby, she is a senior pet and is food aggressive, but she gets along well with dogs and cats outside the food issue. She has no outstanding medical issues, and if she’s not either fostered or adopted out she’ll be sent to the Animal Shelter of Gwinnett, where she will most likely be put down. My company has kept her for almost a month now and we can’t continue to eat the expense, so please help us out and get her a home!! She’s a sweetie.

Message me if you have any questions!

So the sad news is we had to bring Sophie to the Utah Humane Society…

(and by we I mean I had to take her alone because everyone in this house hates me and wanted me to be traumatized, so—)

The good news is they called yesterday about her microchip and they told us that she probably won’t even make it out of the containment area because one of the workers there has fallen in love with her and they won’t be surprised if he takes her home before the week is out.

So… Sad we couldn’t keep her, but super happy she’ll be going to a good home.

… Good girl, Sophie, good girl.