Genderbent Zach/Laila = Zoey/Liam? It’s a recreation of this particular scene

I realize Lilligants can’t be male but I think Liam would be a FtM lilligant so there. (He didn’t like being raised as a girl, threw a fit and got kicked out of the forest)

Also one of my twitter followers mentioned Zoey looks like Korra….which is not false. But with less boob and more obliviousness to romantic things.

bg-jiq submitted:


here’s a little sketch for ya

Dunno if you watched Oreimo but that was the first thing that I thought when I first saw Laila. 

probably won’t color because of laziness  busy.

Referenced from Oreimo  

(Jordan can probably work with this too. Maybe something like “My pancake can’t be this Tsun”)


OH MY GODDDD THIS IS PERF even if I didn’t follow Oreimo I think it works hahahahaha


Oh man Zach’s face hahahahahlasdfja;skdjfadf

And Laila u are perfect <3

(also im dead from the Jordan alternative………..)

patcchi-in-the-box submitted: I swear, my scanner kills everything. Oh well.

Anyway, this is for you and only you, Kynim, ‘cause you’re made of awesome and your shipping skills are so hardcore you can’t even control them.

I’ve been with artblock lately so drawing your pokes was really entertaining :)

Got permission to post this :>

Oh man, scanners do that. I my current one always does it…and I cannot do the scan-and-color method for my comics for this reason ;w;

And hnnng, this is totally my reaction to the shipping thing too WHAT HAVE MY POWERS DONEEEE