Guess what I found...

… the font J.R. Ward uses for Wellsie’s name in Tohr’s book, Lover Reborn! It’sBertholdr Mainzer Fraktur, and I found it on 

It was definitely a lucky find! I just stumbled across it without even looking for it! So, I made pics of the Shellans’ names using the font, and I’ll be posting them randomly!

Application for Vishous: APPROVED! Please create your page and submit the link!

Name: Victoria

Age: 25

Timezone: Eastern Standard (-5)

Activity Level: Always around…I do love any kind of RP.

Character: Vishous (Son of Bloodletter)

Sample Post:

The warrior’s icy eyes sparkled with absolute violence. His brother had yet again stuffed pink yarn into his closet.

He swore at Rhage under his breath, causing the air around him to turn icy. What he needed right now was a drink, and his shellan. And maybe a punching bag with a very scary looking dragon tat on it.

As his palm twitched was forced to calm himself. Having a Doctor for a mate made him very wary of inflicting too much damage on someone. But, DAMN the thought of ripping Rhage a new one really did something for his mood. Maybe he would shave off his other eyebrow. Surely, Mary wouldn’t be too angry. Right?