2014: A Year for Kill Shamy Shippers

Why I say that ?

1.Sheldon without pants

2.Sheldon kisses amy for the first time


3. almost break their relationship

4.Date night kisses

5.She is the key to his happines 

6.He wants to be perfect for her

7. “8.2”

8.She is a distraction

9.I love you too…

10.Fun with Flags

11.They are Happy

yes was a great year…



Just going to let that sink in for a second. There. Right, ready? LET THE FANGIRLING BEGIN!!! 

Shamy-shippers, assemble! I just wanna hug all your faces! 

NOW! The reactions! My god.. it was.. I was.. They were.. AAH! Okay.. first things first.. When Amy (finally!) said that she deserved some romance, it was like

Yes you do, Amy Farrah Fowler. Yes. You . Do.

And then the burning grape juice, and the gazing in each others eyes…

And then.. then he uttered those words.. “Oh, kissing is romantic!” AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AND THEN HE KISSED HER! Reluctantly at first..

And all shamy-shippers just went like.. 


Just. You know. Times a billion.

Oh my god and then.. THEN! He relaxed, she relaxed… GOOD LORD.. When he leaned in, stepped closer, put his hand on her hip.. 

Best. 11 seconds. In. Every. Shamy. Shippers. Life. AND all the shamy shippers just went like:

Just. Again. Times a billion! 

The uterus quivers, does it not?! 

And when they pulled away, looking in each others eyes.. Amy: “That was nice”.. Sheldon: “Good.” 

I. Can’t. Even.. 

*Phweeew* And there you have it.. Sheldon kissed Amy. And it was amazing. It was great. It was the SIK we have all been waiting for. It was the kiss over all kisses. It has indeed made its way to the Shamy Hall-of-Fame! There are so many emotions going on right now. All my fellow Shamy-shippers, let us make sure the world knows how happy we are right now!

But for the moment, to Bill Prady, Chuck Lorre, Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons and every single one that made this moment happen: THANK YOU! The writing, the directing, the whole plot, the perfomance, the kiss.. It is:

So thank you. Really. It means the world to us, the fans. 

Sincerely, all Shamy-shippers on the face of the planet. 

(More fangirling is coming up, I am no where near done, but this will do for now.) 

(OH! And the gifs of Sheldon and Amy kissing is from the amazing blog thebigbangtheorists. Thank you! All the credit to you! :) ) 

Until next time.. Live long and ship hard! :D