Thank you for tagging me howimetauntrobin and I am sorry because I am so late lol. 

One Song - Aye Khuda (Murder 2).
Two Movies - The Illusionist and Bol or Kahaani maybe.
Three Shows - Tvd, Boys over flowers maybe, and Shehr-e-zaat.
Four animals - Pigeon, Fish, more pigeons and some more pigeons.
Five Foods - Pizza, Aaloo ka paratha, Subway, Biryani and French fries.
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late to rant but..

wtf is this my cousins named their baby shehr bano first and i was like !!!!!!!!!!!! “ wow so ethnic n cool!!!!!” but everyone got all :/// “too old…makes her look like an aunty” n i was like “ ??? >:”(“ n they were like ” ..;)“ n renamed her "raima” which is equally cute buT U SEE THE STRUGGLE OF HOW PPL DONT WANT ETHNIC NAMES ANYMORE BECAUSE “TOOO ETHNIC N WONT BE SO COOL BC ZAMANA IS CHANGING N ALL??”

ur culture shouldn’t change no matter how “modern” n white washed everyone and everything is becoming
culture is here to stay n stand out
culture is important af
culture is a weapon
culture should live :(

bollywoodwarrior asked:

hey hey heyy~ I watched only 2 dramas so far, I bet you can guess what it is. I heard pyaray afzal is good? besides that is there any others? Like your top 10? haha and do you know any websites which comes with english subtitles, cause my cousin wants to watch it to. Been looking one for pyaray afzal but cnt find any :(

hahah zindagi gulzar hai and humsafar?! yeahh pyaray afzal was really good!! though a really sad endinggg :3 but you should be able to find it on youtube, i watched it there only, the quality may not be so great though! hmm also…top 10?? it’s hard!!! some good ones are shukk, kahi un kahi, meray qatil meray dildar, shehr-e-zaat, bunty i love you, jab we wed, dil-e-muztar, mohabbat subh ka sitara hai, ishq mein teray, and currently mera naam yousuf is really good! :) all of these can be found on youtube, subscribe to the humtv channel! 


Mahira Khan Biography and Photo Galleries

Mahira Khan Biography and Photo Galleries

Mahira Hafeez Khan is a Pakistani television and film actress. She is best known for her role in Humsafar which helped re-establish the popularity of Pakistani-made shows in Pakistan.Khan’s notable work includes Neeyat (2011), Humsafar (2011-2012), Shehr-e-Zaat (2012) and Sadqay Tumhare (2014-2015)


In 2011, Khan made her film debut with Bol directed by Shoaib Mansoor, where played the role…

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anonymous asked:

What do you mean walla-shire?

oop. dang nabbit auto-spelling. shehr, not shire.

Aaj Bazaar mein ~ Faiz

Aaj bazaar mein paa bajolan chalo
Chashm-e-nam jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin
Tohmat-e-ishq posheeda kafi nahin
Aaj bazaar mein paa bajolan chalo

Dast afshaan chalo, mast-o-raqsan chalo
Khaak bar sar chalo, khoon badaaman chalo
Rah takta hai sab shehr-e-janaan chalo
Teer-e-ilzaam bhi, sang-e-dushnam bhi
Subh-e-nashaad bhi, roz-e-naakaam bhi

Unka dam saaz apnay siwa kaun hai?
Shehr-e-janaan mein ab ba-sifaa kaun hai?
Dast-e-qatil kay shayaan raha kaun hai?
Rakht-e-dil bandh lo, dil figaro chalo!
Phir hum heen qat'al ho ayen yaron chalo!

(Faiz Ahmed Faiz)