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Do you think Big Bang is going to to enlist at the end of year? Or anytime soon?

I feel like Seunghyun will enlist within the next 3 years, to be honest… and the others will follow later. The age ceiling for mandatory enlistment in SK was 31 years of age until 2011 when it was raised to age 36. I think KVIPs believe YGE will stagger their enlistments so that at least one BB member is promoting at any point in time, preferably two! Just my opinion, though.

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What do you think is going to happen? I'm really hoping that the Order of Messiah will return and party again.

I’ve been told and have my own theories, but it’s too foggy to decide anything concrete.

I do know this, someone is planning something, something huge. Something probably sinister.

I want the church to return too, very much so. I am planning on making sermons every sunday on the church’s behalf until their return. (much like this one) Though it’ll probably be a while before we hear anything, the church might not be a very safe place to be in right now to begin with.

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Yeah!! One of my favorite songs by her is Inori~Monram~ from Raka and Hollow from Navigatoria and her voice is just wonderful I just cANT’ DESCRIBE IT WITH WORDS

Sweet, my favorites are Akakakushi, VII ~セッテ~, and EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/.

But yeah seriously, last week when I was in study hall in school Akakakushi came on my iPod and I accidently started jamming and singing to it out loud while everyone was just staring (embarrassing but so worth it dude~)

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What made you want to draw?

Ahh, well.

My brother brought home manga one day, when I was eight or nine. I can’t remember completely, but I think it was Love Hina.

I remember not exactly liking the story (until I got older and reread it), but I remember liking the art style a whole lot. Introduction to the Mangaworld is what led me to draw. Maybe it’s not realism, but… well, I wanted to give it a shot. I saw what I liked, and I felt, I wanted to draw things that others would like as well. In doing so, I think that would make me really happy, you know?

And it has.

Alternately, it could have also been the time I saw Digimon Tamers for the first time. You know, when Takato drew Guilmon to life?

I wanted to do that with my own Digimon too. To some degree, ten years later, I’ve done so and given it a life within written words.

Inspiration’s a funny thing, isn’t it?

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haha, sometimes I like to pretend that I sing like her but I end up failing so bad. I would love to see her live though, do you know how amazing that would be?

ahh I can’t even begin to imagine! It’s a shame that she’s not popular enough to do that often though, or else I would try to go to Japan to see her hah~