Question Time - This is almost like socialising, right? :D

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Okay then,

1.My favourite fruit…that would have to be grapes. Black ones (like my SOUL :D)…Wait, grapes have brands? Sainsburys?

2. YOU DON’T READ ANIME YOU WATCH IT. I don’t keep up with current comics  - poor student hooray! - I do read Pokemon Adventures online and when I’m feeling super-rich, I’ll get a graphic novel. I have the Neil Gaiman Sandman collection, which makes me far happier than it should…

3.I think that I am hideously untidy. The rest of the world things that I have a compulsive urge to tidy and clean. Make of that what you will…

4.My Kindle is probably number one. There was a while where I couldn’t read books, since I kept imagining the pages were filthy. Enter my darling Kindle and I have got my love of *hygienic* reading back.

Handwash, like those little bottles of hand sanitiser because f*ck my life. 

Pokemon, as I am a complete bad-ass.

Music, due to being incredibly soulful and just so…deep.

Cyncism and sarcasm.

5. Nope, I barely update this one, let alone maintain another!

6. I had never needed to go to hospital for anything until I was sixteen/seventeen. Then I spent every weekend popping to Perth and being told silly things by NEVER THE SAME DOCTOR TWICE. I haven’t been back in a long while.

7.My Meowth plushie I am so cool.

8. Dating someone. Like having a functional social life after years of ED? Don’t be silly :D Hypothetically, however, it would not be the first thing I would be bothered about. I would just love to have someone who is nice and doesn’t mind me being crazy.

9.I must admit, I will read and watch just about anything. I do love fantasy and sci-fi best, however. Some humour is excellent too. We’re talking Terry Pratchett here.

10. See question 8. I pretty much ending up driving everyone away. I just couldn’t function socially at all. To give them credit though, they really tried. Lovely people, seriously.

11. Don’t ask me tricky questions that involve remembering things! I can’t quite pin-point when I started this, but I do fully intend to keep going upon getting sorted out.

Right, my turn. 

1.Music on headphones or on speakers?

2.Do you play video games? If so, what platform/style?

3.What is one fear food that is now safe?

4.You are dyeing your hair - natural or unnatural colour?

5.What sense would you least like to lose?

6.Your favourite thing that makes you a terrible human being?

7.What is your earliest memory?

8.Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

9.Would you rather be able to fly, or swim like a fish?

10.What is the most stupid thing you did as a child?

11.Do you believe you can make it?