the horrors sheffield leadmill 16/05/2012

last night i went to see the horrors in sheffield. as soon as we got into sheffield we saw Faris Josh and Tom outside the tour-bus but we didn’t dare go and say hello hahaha. Bit shocked i suppose.

The gig was amazing, as you can expect by the type of music it was just fascinating, Josh is an amazing guitarist, to come up with stuff like that is stuff that i’d dream of being able to do. Moving Further Away and Sea within a Sea were probably the stand-out songs for me. 

I would recommend to anyone.

Lawson’s hometowns tour in Sheffield tonight was amazing! Ryan O'Shaugnessy was awesome as their support act. Andy, Joel & Adam kept looking and smiling at us, during standing in the dark when they stopped singing to listen to us singing it back at them, Joel stood smiling and watching us sing it back to them! Joel threw his glowstick and Tejal got it, which I now have since she shoved it down my back before leaving! Tried asking for the boys towels with Ayesha but the guy said no… was worth a try! And stamped on a drunk girls foot with Shazia because she kept elbowing us :P Going to go blast Chapman Square now before post concert depression kicks in!