Band Shirts Add a Certain Romance | Chapter 3

Band Shirts Add a Certain Romance | Chapter 3     


     Matt wiped his fingers across his eyes, sliding down on the leather seat. “Where t’fuck are those two love birds?” he joked with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “Better go look for them, wouldn’t wanna find them frozen on the pavement, or sumthin,” he added. He stood up, still very tipsy, and headed towards the massive black door out of the bar.

     “’ow come you like the same exact shit as me, eh?” Miles heard Alex’s voice coming from under his chin. He jumped at the sudden sound, thinking Alex had fallen asleep.

“Huh?” Miles realized he didn’t actually hear what was said; he just enjoyed Alex’s warm breath seeping under his jacket.

“Ya know, The Strokes, The Beatles, Libertines…every-fuckin’-thing,” Alex replied drunkenly.

“Well, it really is strange innit? I mean, they’re not famous or anythin’ like that,” Miles teased. Alex moved his head from Miles’ shoulder, leaving a vulnerable spot left for the cold breeze to now attack. He looked directly into the taller boy’s eyes; half of his hair scrunched up from when he was lying snuggled under his chin. Alex leaned forward, still keeping his eyes up, not breaking the contact. Miles felt his heart beating faster than ever before. He was scared Alex might hear it trying to rip from under his ribcage. His breathing slowed and he could again feel his stomach jumping inside his body.

     Alex was now only centimetres away from his face; he could clearly smell the liquor-infused warm air coming from his half-open mouth. Suddenly, the corners of Alex’s lips started curling, forming a cheeky, almost mischievous grin. He puckered his lips and when he was almost touching noses with Miles he breathed out: “Fok…you.” With horrendous laughter he crumbled onto Miles lap, making the other giggle as well. Miles sighed with relief when Alex turned his head around, hoping he wasn’t too obvious as he thought their lips would surely meet. Alex shuffled around on the pavement like a whale onshore, finally getting comfortable, resting his head where Miles’ legs crossed on the ground, his own long legs spread towards the pub’s entrance.

     Matt busted the heavy door open, but was taken aback after finding the boys bundled together right in front of him. They both looked up, squinting to see who arrived. After realising it was Matt, their smiles faded a bit as they reminded themselves how incredibly strange they must have looked there on the pavement. Alex raised his head up from Miles’ lap, but when hearing Matt’s chuckles, he dropped it back onto the other’s warm thighs, not bothering to explain himself.

“Don’t even bother, Turner, we was just worried you lads were ‘urt or sumthin, you’ve been out ‘ere for quite some time, but I see you’re perfectly… fine,” Matt broke the awkward silence as if he read the expression off of Alex’s face. Still grinning he turned around and walked back to the pub.

“Shit..I suppose we should probably get back there,” Alex mumbled.

“Uhuh, I’m soberin’ up, don’t like that,” Miles replied, trying to wiggle his way up, his back still leaning on the wall.

     They reunited with the other boys who looked no better than them. Jamie was lying face down on the table, Nick was quietly sipping on a beer, probably useless to ask how many he’d had, and Paul was chatting a semi-attractive girl at the bar. Matt appeared behind them, handing both a shot of what appeared to be tequila, sparing the lemons and the salt. Jamie sprung up from his little nap, forehead decorated with marks from the wooden table. “Oi, that was a long fuckin’ smoke break!” Alex opened his mouth as if to say something in return, but failing to come up with a decent comeback, he silently sat down with Miles following him.

     When Paul noticed the two boys had come back, he pushed the girl who now had her legs entangled with his out of the way, greeting them with open arms. They had no choice but to give in to the drunken hug. He squeezed the soul out of the skinny boys, now more or less lying on top of them in the booth. He awkwardly stood up after a while, crushing their insides. “You, need drinks!” he gestured towards the bartender, shouting his order. Another set of shots appeared on the table. Soon they were experiencing another wave of drunkenness. Ignoring the conversation others were having, Miles and Alex were giggling and telling stories of their own.

     “Mi, Mi, Mi, Miiii, I’m so glad ya came to our gig!” Alex blurted, forgetting the rest of Miles’ name. He examined the other boy’s face, squinting his eyes before talking again. “You woud’ve made a great front man of some fffuckin’ band, ya know that?” he continued to babble, “you are all tall and beautiful, it’s like you was made to live on the stage…I mean, look at ‘ow I shine when I perform, and we look sort’f similar!” Now everyone was listening to Alex’s drunken odes.

“Well you definitely are one of the modestesttt out there,” Matt gave him an intoxicated grin. But Miles didn’t hear anything after Alex let the word beautiful escape from his lips. His cheeks flushed and he silently bit his lower lip, a second later hoping nobody noticed it.

     It was getting very late, or more precisely, very early in the morning, but the club was still crawling with people. Matt and Jamie decided to climb onto the stage, spilling beers along the way, eagerly dancing to Girls Aloud, a tune they requested themselves. Paul went around the corner with the girl he picked up earlier and Nick was soundly asleep in the booth, someone’s scarf wrapped around his head.

“Um, I actually do play guitar..and sing a bit, too,” Miles said sleepily. They were sitting in the middle of the club where there had been a screaming crowd of kids just a couple of hours ago. Alex looked at Miles with surprise, putting a bottle of whiskey he somehow acquired during the night next to his leg.

“Whut, why didn’t ya say anythin’!” he formed a wide smile, his cheeks red from drinking.

“Dunno, I’m not nearly half as good as you’re,” Miles replied shyly. He was too tired to keep his body up, so he stretched out on the floor, hoping he didn’t lie in either vomit, or piss.

     Alex moved the whiskey out of his way and laid himself out next to Miles. He touched his shoulder, his thumb stroking the boy’s denim jacket. He moved his body a bit closer, his elbow now resting on the floor and hand travelling down Miles’ arm until it stopped on top of his hand. He looked him deeply in the eyes, his nose taking in his smell- a mix of smoke and what appeared to be his shower gel. The smell was so familiar to Alex, although he was sure he had never met this boy before. Miles’ semi-long fringe was falling slightly over his eyes, but just enough for Alex to get lost in them. The other boy smiled lightly at the weight on top of his own hand, turning it around and intertwining his fingers with Alex’s. A warm feeling spread upwards and he closed his eyes, still not sure if he was imagining all of this.

Miles felt shivers running down his spine. His head felt light, but he couldn’t quite detect if it was from the immense dose of alcohol or Alex’s touch. 

(Chapter 4 coming soon!)

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Mardy Bum
  • Mardy Bum
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Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys

It’s one that laughs and jokes around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away
Oh, but it’s right hard to remember
That on a day like today when you’re all argumentative
And you’ve got that face on