Tonight was amazing! Got to see some great people that I have not seen in a long time and got to be a part of Kevin Romar’s secret pro release party! I love to see the next generation in full force and love to feel the connection between the two! It’s just the beginning for all of us!!!! @kevinromar @keelandadd @boojohnson1 @steviewilliams @dirtyklips @brownie666 @ladyshark @billweiss @bailey_s @monsantokills @billweiss #sheffey #tuan #jamescraig #LBC #KILLAS #IAMNOTSCARD #IDOWHATIWANT (Taken with Instagram)


You all know how big those Little Tykes cars are. Sean Sheffey killing it in Virtual Reality. 

Once Upon A Time… @justineldridge Asked Me If I Wanted To Roll With Him When They Were Filming Some Skits For The Hot Chocolate Video… Well That Night They Were Filming Fireboard Skits Behind Some Store In Costa Mesa… We Show Up And I Was Trippin Cause It Was The First Time I Was Around Spike, Ty, Rick, MJ, Rich Mulder, Daniel All These People I Grew Being Up Influenced By!!! Hahaha This Was All Before I Had My Own Camera But Kinda Was Seeing Thats What I Wanted To Do Next!!! Haha So I Was Just Chillin In The Cut Watching And Saying To Myself This Is Crazy!!! Next Thing I Know @ty__evans Comes Up To Me With A VX2000 And Was Like “Hey Do U Mind Shooting Some B-Roll???” I Was Like Fuck Yeah Im Down!!! Haha So Then All Of A Sudden Im Filming 2 Of My Film Idols & The Sk8ers Lightin Boards On Fire And Doing Tricks Behind This Store All With No Permits!!!! Ahahaha It Was Prob The Most Random Crazy Night Of My Whole Life And Inspired Me To Work To Get Where Im At And Where Im Going!!!! Hahaha Thanks To Spike, Ty, #RickHoward @crailtap @furrycalamari @justineldridge @dlakastan @jeronawilson @chicobrenes MJ, Chris Roberts @samsklub And The Rest!!! & All The Past Girl Choc Fam @yorkatron #Sheffey @therealgav @steviewilliams #Keenan #Ben #Shamil Colin McKay, @nickydiamonds1 & The Rest!!!!! #ThanksForTheINSPIRATION #Girl #Chocolate


Glad he’s skating again

Sean Sheffey 1997 🚺 Fish Series artwork by Andy Jenkins.
Sheff is a beast and his part in mouse will always be burnt into my memory. If anyone deserves to have a shark on their deck its @williamseansheffey #seansheffey #girlskateboards by wuslanga