Dramatic Portraits of Farm Animals Capture Them in a Different Light

In photographer Kevin Horan’s series Chattel, he poses a question: what would it look like if his ungulate neighbors came into the studio and asked to have their portraits made? The Langley, Washington-based artist captured hoofed animals (also known as ungulates) that are on and around Whidbey Island. He depicts an up-close and personal view of the creatures that are part of farmland and nursery rhymes.



"Jingisukan-no Jin-kun" and "Kan-chan" Hokkaido, Japan.
Sheep in a motif.


Day 25 - Leash.

Barney enjoys a lot of freedom, he’s mostly off-leash when we’re not by roads. I do use a long line occasionally though - particularly if there’s sheep around!

He’s generally got a great recall & behaves beautifully around horses, donkeys, cattle, pigs, poultry, cats, small animals etc but I cannot trust Barney 100% around sheep. They’re just a bit too tempting for a border collie who’d love to play “sheepdog”.

Given the chance, he’s prone to going into stalking mode & having intense stare-off’s with the stroppier members of the flock. I’d love to take him to herding classes, where we could learn to use his instincts properly, but as that’s not a realistic option, the safest option is to teach him to ignore them. Managed it fine with other livestock but it’s taken much longer with the sheepies!

On a leash, even a long one, Barney’s now pretty reliably staying calm & getting good at redirecting his attention away from the sheep but given total freedom, I still suspect my “leave” & “steady” commands might fall on deaf ears…


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