A quick portrait of @sheenashe.

I enjoyed doing this, and I hope this isn’t too inaccurate.
The whole time I was working on this, I was wondering, why haven’t I ever tried drawing you before? You are a TON of fun to draw. Just so you know.

When Sheena asked me to be the muse for Chainsaws & Jelly for the month of March I was stoked! She had asked me back in July 2011 and just last week we were able to link up for the interview and photoshoot. It was a pretty awesome experience. We got to do all the make-up at my home in Newark as well as the shoot. It felt great getting my make-up and hair done as well as chit chatting with the lovely Sheebs. Shouts to Black Flag Shoppe for the dope Superholik gear as well as the Good Wood necklace I was rocking’. So check it out! Here’s s the interview and photos (by Eggs). Enjoy!

Peace, Mad Love & Melodies,

Lyn Melodix

#fbf That time when Queen of Antisocial made it on Complex.com as 100 Best Tumblrs Of All Time. Still an honor. I started that site just to document my journeys thru analog. #35mm #analog It has grown so much! queenofantisocial.tumblr.com #sheenashe