But Your Brother Likes the Beatles

Where Papa Original tries to give Klaroline the perfect wedding at the expense of the poor SPN and TVD guys and gals. Because in my head canon Mikael is very fluffy and loves Klaus a lot. :)

Part 1 of the Gif-set [here]


For teasurelovecherish, who loves SPN as much as I do. :)

lay all your love on me by she.dreams.in.colour

He can recognize her from miles away because he has been trying to paint her portrait for the last month and a half. He doesn’t even know her name, but he knows every line, every curve, every arch and every bend of her body. He met her at a bar six weeks ago and was instantly drawn to her because of her eyes – blue green pools that compellingly drew him towards her, inexplicable, mysterious, primal and almost as if fated. Her eyes spoke to him like the stars spoke to Van Gogh, begged to be rendered in the strokes of a brush.


(so i have to go credit van gogh coz if you tilt your screen, you could vaguely discern a part of starry night in the bg.)

Interview with Klaroline Awards Most Creative Author Winner: she.dreams.in.colour

Here at the mag, we were lucky enough to interview the recipient of the coveted award of Most Creative Author, Erica, who is also known as she.dreams.in.colour or she.daydreams.in.colour. Erica shares with us her writing process, her opinion about the other nominees, the Klaroline fandom and what’s next with her fanfictions.

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Two Hundred Sixty Nine Reasons

Where Stefan falls for a cheerleader but can’t work up the guts to go talk to her, Klaus meets Caroline at a bar and the two instantly hit off, and it’s a big sorry mess when he finally realizes that the girl he’s been dating is the same girl his best friend is in love with.


For candieccola, champagnekissedips and alpha-klaus. :)


Someday We’ll Know

That I was the one for you. (Someday We’ll Know, Ronan Keating cover)

Gif-set for this drabble (x). Where Klaus knocks up Hayley and it’s Kol who picks up the pieces when Caroline breaks. Now if Klaus wants her back, he has to mend her heart - and break Kol’s in the process. 


For nfinneman. Thank you dearest for all the love! :)

Happy Anniversary, Klaroline! Thank you so much for:

1. Making TVD a show worth watching. Because yeah, I didn’t even like TVD until I happened to catch that little Our Town episode.

2. Encouraging me to improve my creative writing and media skills. AKA being so great that I had to make fanfics and graphics for you. Without you she.dreams.in.colour would not be in existence. :)

3. Letting me meet so many awesome people who I never would have come across if I wasn’t in your fandom. I’ll never know who they are in real life and I’ll probably never meet them in person but I love them all anyway.

Thank you too, friends in the Klaroline fandom! Here’s to hoping for a year or a century more of anniversaries to come. :)


You Take the Gun (Or You Pull Out a Bigger One)
Klaroline!Suits AU | she.daydreams.in.colour

Conference call at eight thirty, deposition at nine, settlement meeting at ten. It’s an ordinary morning for top gun lawyer Klaus Mikaelson – until he spots a bouquet of flowers awaiting delivery to Caroline Forbes with a hand-written card that reads ‘Dinner tomorrow? - Marcel’.

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