when normani compliments you she’s so honest and sincere that even you believe what she’s saying and that’s what really got me when i met her because it made me realise that i’ve hardly heard any fan stories about people meeting normani which makes me sad because goes to show that not enough attention and emphasis is placed on her she’s the most underrated member by far

One day late on this, but happy birthday to little Bandit Way.

I’m glad he was able to spend her birthday with her, as I know he’s had to miss them before due to tours. I’m glad he’s been able to spend more time with her since he left My Chemical Romance. I’m glad that she gave him motivation to stay sober.  

And while I’m sure he’s not perfect, I’m glad that she has a father who honestly seems to be trying to do right by her. A father who I know will encourage her in whatever she wants to do, and accept whoever she wants to be.

Its really not as common as one would think. 

and not too long ago how I walk into a dressing room that was being re-used for stock stuff and was clearly packed like noooooo indication what so ever that a customer should be in there but even so, there was a big sign that said “dressing room closed”. so im doin my job takin some boxes into one of the rooms when I hear mad like movements so I think maybe someone stealing.. son, how this white girl was in there ass out like she in her crib! I aint know how to react cause I wasn’t expecting that at all otherwise I woulda been knocked and THEN tell her to leave so I just closed the door and told her she needa get her ass out before I call secuirity cause it dead looked like she was stealin. she had the nerve to be like “well the other fitting room in the floor was closed”. like yooooo how entitled ive never seen anyone else do some shit like that people normally just go find another room. smh.

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To make things brief, my friend does not see the appeal in his face and I thought instead of using my own words to argue pointlessly, I can show her that there IS in fact a lot of other people that agree with me and also find him frustratingly, incredibly, ridiculously, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, strength in numbers, right?