They thought the Earth was survivable once more.
They thought that the disease they had fled to space to avoid would have died out in the 100 years they had been off the ground.
They were wrong.
Beth Greene spent her whole life in space looking down at Earth and dreaming of one day seeing its wonders. But after being nearly fatally thrown from her drop ship when it crashed open during descent she’s had no time to marvel in the beauty around her. The man, the Grounder, who found her and saved her life is sullen and looks at her like he should have let her drown in the lake she landed in but some unspeakable bond between them has kept him by her side. But the Earth is a dangerous place and their bond, and their very selves, are being tested.
On the Earth Beth has only two goals: find the remains of her people and survive.

A Walk Might Help || Dantana

Santana hated how complicated things were between them. She should have known that asking Dani for a kiss wasn’t a good idea, even if their playfulness had been back. There was a difference between teasing and actually doing something, and that had been made obvious when things go awkward again after their kiss. After Dani had left Santana had texted Puck to come over, she needed to forget, she needed a distraction and honestly she needed to convince herself that she could get off with him. But that hadn’t worked to plan, things just felt weird and she kicked him out as soon as they were done. The way it made her feel absolutely nothing, the fact that Dani could turn her on more with just an outfit choice scared the shit out of her. It was enough to make her cry herself to sleep that night. She figured a walk with Dani might be good, they might settle on being friends and just try and keep away from anything too intimate. She knew what was going on in her head now, but she couldn’t admit it out loud. 

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But really they didn't even have to cut any entire scenes to make room for Laurel to learn about Thea. The only fucking thing they had to do was insert Laurel into the hospital scene where Dig and Felicity to show up. It was not an oversight it was a slight against Laurel. She could have easily been there for a quick scene to show her concern, so his excuse is complete bullshit.

I always agree that Laurel should be in more scenes with Diggle and Felicity. Even though, I see her as more on her own than a part of Oliver’s team. Mainly because Black Canary is either on her own team or the Birds of Prey or the Justice League. She never should have to answer to Oliver. Anyways, I understand that sometimes things should be kept between Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. But when Thea is involved, that’s something Laurel should be a part of

  • Remember when Thea got drunk at the fundraiser Tommy threw for Laurel and CNRI, and all Laurel was worried about was Thea getting home safe? Where were you Oliver/Diggle/Felicity?
  • Remember when Thea got busted for driving under the influence, and it wasn’t Oliver/Diggle/Felicity that put their names on the line to make sure that Thea didn’t go to prison. It was Laurel who offered to take her under her wing and keep from going behind bars. 
  • It works both ways too. Remember when Laurel got drunk and incidentally insulted Thea, in return all Thea did was want to make sure that Laurel was okay.
  • Remember when Laurel was grieving over Sara’s grave and Thea was there to comfort her.
  • Remember when no one told Laurel the truth about Thea killing Sara…except for Thea right when she found out.
  • Remember when Laurel insisted that none of Sara’s murder was Thea’s fault.
  • Remember when Thea was pretty much on a suicide mission and tried to give an assassin reason to kill her, and Laurel threw herself in the way, despite being severely outmatched. 
  • Remember when OLIVER of all people said that Laurel loved Thea like a sister.

How many scenes or times have Diggle and Felicity shown anything like this towards Thea and not just because Oliver told them to do so. 

People who were in Nanda Parbat aka the mission to bring Thea back to life: 

  1. Oliver - Thea’s older brother, despite the things he’s done he truly does care for and love Thea.
  2. Malcolm - Thea’s biological father who drugged her and used her as a murder weapon to clear his blood debt
  3. Diggle - Oliver’s current best friend and bodyguard who has had minimal interaction with Thea up to this point.
  4. Felicity - Oliver’s love interest who has had minimal interaction with Thea up to this point. 

People who were not in Nanda Parbat because they weren’t even told of these events, at least that’s the assumption we have to make because apparently they weren’t important enough to be in these scenes that are “supposed to be about Thea”:

  1. Laurel - Lifelong/close family friend who loves Thea like a little sister and has also shown on multiple occasions that Thea is very important to her, even risking her life for her.
  2. Roy - The love of Thea’s life. The man, who left town because “Roy Harper is dead”, would have hightailed his ass back to Starling City and Nanda Parbat if Thea’s life was on the line.

Yeah those two shouldn’t have been there at all.

Wow that turned into a rant. Sorry!

People always say that fat people have lower self esteem because they’re fat and it’s funny because I never feel ashamed of my body until people tell me I should be.

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Opinion on Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner's Slut/Whore/Flirt/leads everyone on comments about black widow? Do you think it alienates the fan-base? Do you think there should be repercussions from their bosses?

It’s bullshit. I think they should have to sit down in front of ScarJo and explain exactly what they meant. (Maybe not. It’s not really ScarJo’s problem that they acted like 12 year old boys on a very important press tour. They should have known better and I hope she’s not expected to respond to their asshattery.) It just adds fuel to the idea that it’s hard for me to really support any male celebrities without anticipating disappointment. Which sucks. I don’t want it to be that way, but that’s how I feel.

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throughout naruto, sasuke shows no interest in any girl, the only times he penetrates them is when he literally stabs them with an actual sword. but of course they love him despite him fatally injuring them, haha what wonderful writing :)


It’s not wrong to be in love with someone, but the way the girls written are in love (well more like infatuated in many cases) with Sasuke is just too much. You see many fawn and fight over him in their youth. Karin, despite being stabbed by him, she would have died if she wasn’t saved, is still completely and obsessively in love with him. 

Sakura fawns over him from childhood to the point she loses a friendship for a while. I think her progression is better her deciding she wants to save him (or kill him at a time), but not caring so much about being with him. That was good. But at the end that’s pretty much lost. She ends up with him even if their relationship wasn’t successful. He’s said on occasions that he just didn’t think of her like that in whatever words, and honestly, especially given that he’s nowhere close right now, doesn’t look like that changed.

I love how my mom response to men being punished by rape by getting hit/punched, she says: They should have gotten a broomstick shoved up their ass and see how much they liked it

Wendy Williams on Kylie Jenner last night : ‘’Bruce has a daughter who is 17 involved with a 25 year old father of one AND she’s a highschool dropout AND she’s messing with her face AND her boobs AND her behind way too early in life.’’ 

She is so fucking rude and stupid. I don’t mind her dissagreing with Kylies choices in life becouse some of them are really out there but GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT! She didn’t get her boobs and butt done omg and she is a not a highschool drop out. Wendy says Kylie is a highschool dropout every fucking time she talks about her. She doesn’t have any of her facts checked out, she just sees something in a magazine and then talks about it on her show like it’s a fact.

Sorry this is my second time talking about Wendy but it just pisses me off how she has a show where se talks about celebrities but doesn’t have anything confirmed. She should at least say ‘’allegedly’’ when talking about anything she doesn’t have confirmed

I’m angry.

Im angry people (including Sarada) now think Karin is the mom, even if somehow in another universe she is the biological parent, sakura has mothered that child her whole life. She has proven to be the only adult to care. Sakura is the mother regardless

I’m angry there is a slight chance Sasuke didn’t even marry Sakura to begin with. It means Sasuke used her purely for sex or she simply didn’t mean enough to him. They have a child which means they had unprotected sex and they had relations, he should have at least married her. He knows she wouldn’t be with anyone else and he took advantage of it.

I’m angry Sarada grew up without a father confused on what family is. That child is nothing but sweet, and it is Sasuke’s fault alone she feels unhappy.

I’m angry Sasuke left Sakura alone with his child for over a decade to face the hardships of parenthood and society alone. That girl has done nothing but help him his whole life and this is how he repays her. Leaving her, yet again, to face a daughter and a village alone and embarrassed.

I’m angry Sakura is the sole character from her generation who is unhappy, and already at the age of 30 tired. Sakura is the single ninja who is stuck in her life with a child alone. She has proven to be an amazing woman and ninja, and as the leading lady she didn’t deserve this type of resolve.

I’m angry Sasuke went through a positive transformation and then continued to leave his loved ones behind. The lessons he learned clearly forgotten.

I’m angry Sasuke, knowing all to well how much having a broken family can hurt, did that to his daughter. Even if he was not ready or capable to be a father he should have stayed with her. He was selfish.

And what makes me the most angry? I will tell you. The fact that Sasuke is going to come back to open arms accepted by all, including his abandoned lover and daughter. He does not deserve one ounce of love or respect, but he will get it anyway. He always does. Sakura will not keep him away from his daughter out of pure guilt, and Sasuke in return will also be with Sakura again. A woman he does not deserve.

Why Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won’t give Omar Khadr a break: Walkom

For Omar Khadr, it never ends. During most of his young life, he has been a pawn in someone else’s political game. He still is.

This time, the pawn-master is Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose government announced Friday that it will appeal a judge’s ruling to grant the 28-year-old Canadian bail while he appeals a 2010 U.S. conviction.

Conservative Roxanne James, the government’s designated spokesperson, said Ottawa opposes Khadr’s release because he has been convicted of “heinous crimes.”

What she should have said is that, in the lead-up to this fall’s election, the Conservatives hope to use the Khadr affair as a political wedge issue.

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Dear Hipsters Discussing Tumblr Drama Beside Me in the Coffeeshop,

If you happen to be reading this:
1) you’re both wrong
2) she should definitely dump him
3) seriously, you can have yelling-in-the-coffee shop drama or you can have tumblr drama. You can’t have the former about the latter. It’s obnoxious.

Leigh Alanna

We live in a society that glorifies abuse and yet we still blame women for that? If a girl’s bf/husband beats on her, “thats her fault she should’ve fought back”. If a girl’s bf/husband beats on her, “I’m not helping she should have left him”. If a little boy is beating on a little girl “its because he likes her”. When a father is mean to his daughter and controls her life down to how she can wear her hair but his son is out doing god knows what “He’s just being protective” and “boys will be boys”. Every part of a girl’s life, not matter how shes treated, the blame will alway come on her? Does that sound right to you?! Even on here you guys love to place to blame on girls “for being stupid”. You guys need to look at this holistically and wonder where this thought process is coming from..

Skyrim Age Au Fanfic 2

Title: Main Quest: The Black City
Alt Title: For Fun and Prophet by Mok
Word Count: 3,664

Summary: Kain Hawke continues to feel as if she should have avoided the Inquisitons, and the strange company she found in the Fade gets stranger as she enters the blackened Golden City. Pity she’s an atheist. 
This is a fic for the Skyrim/Dragon age Au bubonickitten and I have been working on. First fic is here

Hawke was standing in a Golden City— made of music and light and fire and lightening formed into bricks. The outside is dark, long winding avenues and towering buildings corrupted or perhaps simply made of already darker things, but the inside the great hall is bright and flashes and sings.
Great rows of plants she had no words for crowded boxes and scented the air as she rushed to keep up with the Maker’s long strides and internally curses that she’s missing this opportunity. She may not be Andrastian— but the wonders are something Anders would have liked. Another tug at her core, and she tries to force that thought away, focusing on the footsteps ahead. The hall, the Maker tells her, is where Andraste spends most of her time so as to not have to watch the storms.
“She doesn’t like watching mortals get stuck in the Fade-storms, for some reason. She says it’s cruel to let people suffer like that.” They’d explained as they opened the doors, their feet immediately surrounded by little screeching creatures covered in soot and sporting shining green eyes. The Maker laughed when Hawke backed up from the few that took to her feet. “What, never seen a dog in the Fade, Fereldan? Come, they won’t harm you.”

It took only a few moments before Hawke’s eyes fell upon the throne, raised in the center of the chamber they entered and they heard soft notes floating through the air from on high. The golden light of the walls is more than enough to illuminate the dark skinned elven woman sitting before them, scarred lips smiling down at her charge and sure fingers stroking the fur as she sang.

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This was an entirely new place. Sure, Nightfury knew nothing about Cybertron outside of Iacon, Kaon and Slaughter City, but that didn't mean she didn't know about the mountains. Okay, that's a lie she had no idea Cybertron had fragging mountains. It was an entirely different experience for her to be here. Yes, she should have brought her bondmate or his brother with her, at least they they might know where she was and help her out of the confusing mountain range. "HELLO!!" Time to call for help.

Ashstorm knew the manganese mountains better than she knew the color of her body. They were certain death in the winter for Naga and gargoyle along the peaks, so Centuar were often commissioned to make the trek over and around the tops to deliver goods between tribes. Bipedals had it a bit easier with their temperature regulators and internal heaters, but they were a bit behind the times as some things go.

Ash had returned to refresh on her supplies- centuar did have to consume a lot for energy, thanks to their rather large lower structure- and had gotten commissioned for such things by a grudging Naga. She was on her way back from her delivery, when she heard the loud shout of ‘Hello!’ echoing around the snow-packed pass.

The curious centuar hummed to herself and quietly headed down a steep slope to spot the red and black bipedal femme frame near one of the foot trails. “Hello!” She chirps cheerily, making the last jump down with a bouncy flourish. “Are you lost, miss?”

Hearing her door open, Angel had turned off the faucet to only wipe her hands. She wasn’t expecting someone and if so, they probably should have knocked. Opening the bathroom door, Angel called out “Hello?” waiting to see who it was before she stepped out.

following the crowd

I was 15 when I discovered Queen, via Freddie Mercury’s untimely death. My friend Kate was full of enthusiasm when she heard that I didn’t know who he was. Thanks to her, they became my all-consuming obsession for most of high school. Through them - and said friend - I also discovered the existence of the movie Highlander, so I rented a VHS copy from the video store and decided to watch it one night when my high school BFF was over to spend the night. 

She was not impressed. At all. Which maybe should have given me the first inkling that our BFF-ness wouldn’t last forever. “Admit it,” she said, “the only reason you like this movie at all is because of Queen, and Kate.” Which made me grumpy as hell, because a) no, Highlander is AWESOME, fuck you - my love for cheesy genre movies has a long and storied history, and b) even if I discovered it because one of my friends liked it, what’s wrong with that? But, because my self esteem was less than zero in high school, she succeeded in making me feel ashamed of my love for that movie for several years.


I spent a few years post-high school obsessed with Natalie Goldberg’s books about writing. They’re really good at prodding a beginning writer into action, but there were some things in there that I internalized either in the wrong way, or that were straight-out harmful. Like the exercise that prompted you to think of something you enjoy “just as yourself,” eliminating anything that you enjoy because someone else introduced you to it, or enjoys it, or anything like that. I spent a lot of time sitting and thinking, but couldn’t come up with much of anything that I discovered all on my own, without having someone else introduce me to it. At the time, I thought that was a flaw, a weakness - that I was too dependent on others, What I took away from that exercise was that I needed more independence, more interests that nobody else shared.

I wish I’d asked myself what the fun was in that at the time.


The acronym “MSF” has popped up in fannish circles in recent years - it stands for “Migratory Slash Fan.” It’s not a compliment. Part of me understands the frustrations of the people who use this acronym - I know the sort of people they’re talking about, the ones who wander from fandom to fandom, imposing their favorite character archetypes onto all the characters whether the characters canonically fit them or not. It can be maddening … but at the same time, it’s not hurting me any, so what’s the point in complaining? If a fandom consists of nothing but those sorts of people, then clearly it’s not the fandom for me, so my time is better served looking for one that does fit my own needs than complaining about one that doesn’t.

But I do rather hate the “MSF” complaints, to be honest. Because they tend to be rooted in the same thing as the first two stories. “BNF X decided they liked Fandom Y,” they complain, “so everyone else decided they liked it too!”

… so what? 


Being a fan is a solitary thing. Being in a fandom is a community experience. 

You come to fandom in the first place because you love something so much that you need to share it with other people. But once you’re there - once you’ve experienced the kind of community fandom can be, the kind of amazing things it can produce - most of us, I think it’s fair to say, want to continue to be a part of fandom, even if the canon that originally pulled us in fades away. So it’s only natural to say “okay, this person over here writes really great stories, and she’s now writing for this other fandom I don’t know about, but maybe it’s something I’d like?” Or perhaps “all my friends stopped talking about X and started squeeing about Y - I like talking to my friends about fandom, so maybe I’ll give Y a shot.” Because fandom becomes your community, your social circle. We give such lip service to the idea that online interactions are just as valid as in-person interactions, but we can sometimes be really dense about thinking of online life as a real, valid social life. It’s natural to want to participate in your social circle. That’s how new experiences happen, a lot of the time. 

“But they’re ruining our fandom with their terrible ideas/characterization/whatever!” I know how it feels when a fandom turns in a direction you don’t want it to go, trust me. (Ask me about SGA fandom and Shepard/McKay shippers sometime, if you’re in the mood to hear me get really pissy.) But in the end … so what? People will always have different ideas than you. People will always like different things than you. People will always have fun with things you don’t understand. Welcome to life. It happens everywhere, even in fandom. Being bitter and angry in public isn’t going to change a damned thing, except your reputation, in that people will start to think of you as “that angry person who doesn’t seem to like fandom that much.” I get it. You love a thing, you want a community, but the community doesn’t seem to love the thing in a way that you can deal with. Or, they all love a thing that you don’t understand, and everyone wants to talk about it instead of this other thing that makes you happy. It sucks. But when has anger and bitterness over this particular subject ever changed anyone’s mind? Made people leave the fandom and go have fun somewhere else, sure, it can accomplish that in no time. But has it ever made people say “oh, you’re right, I’m doing this wrong and will change to doing fandom your way right now?” Has that ever really worked?

No matter how long you’ve been in a fandom, no matter how many fics or pieces of art you’ve created, no matter how much time or effort you’ve put in - you don’t get to dictate how anyone else engages with the source material. You don’t get to dictate what people find fun or interesting. It sucks when tastes change and drift away from what you like. But that’s life, and you really just need to move the fuck on. Whether moving on means “I’m going to keep playing here to the people who are still with me” or “I’m going to find somewhere else to have fun/other people to have fun with,” it doesn’t matter. You’re never going to change anyone’s mind by being pissy about the things they love.

So don’t listen to anyone who complains about migratory fans or bandwagons or anything like that. You don’t have to be the first person to discover something to belong in the fandom. Finding a fandom because someone else dove into it is a perfectly awesome way to get into something new. Fandom is for community, for connections and fun and escape. Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking otherwise.