my father on finding love

my father has a voice that booms angrily but softly ripples in the morning when he’s reading quran. he lost his parents young had to raise his brother on his own his hair began graying too early. he smells of musky cologne and if you look closely at his face you can still see a young orphan- his heart still carries that loss like overweight luggage. his youth spent cooped up in a Saudi dorm room reading until his vision blurred. i don’t know about loss like him. ‘your mother saved me’ he begins the conversation splitting our awkward silence with precision. i wonder if my mother knows this. ‘when i saw her i felt myself coming home she reminded me of the vineyards and oceans and hope i didn’t have hope but when she laughs i have it.’

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Who all do you ship Aragorn? How do you view his sexuality? Or his urges between being human but raised by elves?

Who do I ship Aragorn with? Hmm…

In terms of the movies and book [What I’ve read so far] I ship Aragorn with Arwen. There love is a love that withstood time. [Even though Aragorn fell in love with Arwen first and it was somewhat awkward from what I know?]] I mean Aragorn constantly thinks about Arwen, he breathes her. His heart entirely and solely belongs to her which reminds me of my own personal relationship. The whole ‘My heart belongs to you now and forever’ just makes me breathless. And the fact that she’s willing to give up something so precious as immortality for this human that she’s fallen in love with makes my heart ache and yearn for them.

Additionally I would ship Aragorn with Legolas. Their friendship is so pure and deep and it completely moves me. But I believe it would be more platonic? Like they’d hold hands and occasionally brush knuckles against cheeks or embrace but it wouldn’t be sexual.

As for Aragorn’s sexuality. Hmm…my Aragorn himself deviates a bit from being completely heterosexual. I don’t know why but I see Aragorn as a person who wholeheartedly loves a person because of who they are and not their sex. Like myself I believe Aragorn to see all people, all races, all class and creed to be beautiful regardless of how they look. 

Hmm…regarding the last question…I’m still somewhat developing Aragorn so I haven’t really gone too much into thought about such a thing but if I were to say something concerning that I believe Aragorn would be more humbled by living with and being raised by elves over being arrogant and jealous about it. He’d cherish the gift of companionship that they’ve given him over scorning it. *Nods to self* Mhm.

[[Edit] Additionally I ship Aragorn with Emerson! I forgot to add this. But I’ll go more into detail about it when I edit my response to the question about my main ship.