stiiitchxs asked:

the thumb thing {even though it's not a meme.... ♥}


It had been a lazy, slow day, trudging along like
it was going to be the last day of their lives.
Hopefully, that wasn’t the case at all. With
her gaze focused focused on the dusty 
leather bound book in her lap and Kyle’s
head pressed against her shoulder though,
if she died right then, at least she’d be happy.

Gentle breathing, imitations of gently snoring
reached her ears, and a small smile curled 
on her lips. Tilting her head slightly to the side,
she rests her cheek against his blond locks, a
quiet sight of pure contentment escaping her.

Her sigh must have disturbed him, because the
next thing she knew, her left hand was no longer 
curled around the book, but instead in his grip.
With eyebrows raised, she pulls back just enough
that she can look at him curiously, but other than
taking claim to her hand, he did nothing else. 

That is, until he began to stroke her hand. The pad
of his thumb smoothed across the pale expanse of
the back of her hand, back and forth in a line motion.
Suddenly captivated with the action, Zoe once again
pulls her gaze away from the literature, simply opting
to watch as Kyle held her hand in his much larger ones,
thumb trailing a line up and down her hand. The gentle
motion made her heart  s w e l l , and without even 
hesitating, she turns her head once more, pressing a
sweet kiss to his forehead. Through her lips escapes
a whisper, one so soft that only she and Kyle could 
hear. Not that they weren’t alone anyways.