Hereeeres Vinyl!

The horn won’t be that long btw, it’s just poppin out cuz it’s not sewn uwu

She is looking damn beautiful if I do say so myself~

I fixed the pattern a bit so she’s not leaning forward, and I also tweaked her head a bit. It’s almost exactly where I want it to be~
Her eyes are magenta, they just look red here, and I wish they were xD

Anyways, goodnight everyone :3

sventmanifest said:

☠ (whines loudly)

Send me a ☠ to hear what my muse would say to your muse’s grave.


The Lord of Spirits laid a white iris upon the head stone that read:

Here Lies Alfred Svent, the mercenary with a heart of gold.

Sighing a heavy dejected sigh, Milla made herself comfortable on the ground as she stared silently at the sharply carved headstone.

Time was stagnate. Even the icy rain drops upon her exposed flesh didn’t phase the blonde. They had achieved everything they set out to do. Spyrites had replaced the Spyrix and Rieze Maxia and Elympios were finally at peace as a unity, so then, why did she feel like she lost? 

"Elize graduated middle school today." Milla spoke to no one. "You should have seen her, she looked damn beautiful up on the stage. Everyone is still celebrating."

Out of her satchel, Milla opened a bottle of pronage wine. Resting her chin in her hand, she dumped the contents out around the headstone before discarding the bottle.

"Alvin. I am so sorry." She began, her voice just barely crackling with a gentle sob. "If I only had seen it sooner, the assassin. Then you would be…" Placing a hand over her eyes, the lord spirit choked back a child like sob before regaining her composure and wiping her eyes.

"I will never forget your sacrifice. You are a truly a wonderful friend and despite everything, you became an honest one. Thank you so much, Alvin."

With that, Milla stood and gave the grave one more look before turning away and going towards the inn.


The Old

So I just looked at her FB. Just to reminisce. And her pic of just her she posted. She looks so damn beautiful. As I looked at it, I saw her as a beautiful woman who I love. As I looked at the smile, I was happy because it was a smile. She looked happy. She looked okay seeing me and looked to handle it well. I wanted to hug her bye but had no will to go for it. I even felt bad saying she would look sexy in a wet shirt. And i felt no will and felt bad because I feel I backed up away from that. I feel like when we talk it’s nothing more than friends or just chat. Not flirty or anything. Idk now to play it but I’ll just go with it how she does.

I to be honest don’t know what will happen. We don’t talk much right now and maybe it’s for the better.

As I looked at the pics of her and her son, I was down. I’ll be seeing Sophia soon and I know they both miss her. She misses them. It’s tough. We have to be strong. But it’s hard. That used to be my family.


I don’t ever post pictures of myself, but when I do it’s because my lady is next to me and she looks so damn beautiful.