Aylona Lavellan! tattoos will come when we have examples.. elf inquisitor. we’ve been studying early religious works and sure enough i’m obsessed with their saintly halos….. oops ‘u’

I made myself a Really Cool new brush to dick around with in sai… was gonna make myself some new stuff to decorate a new blog theme with… but no…

.. no 

my roommate walked in on me finishing this one up and I’m Extremely Embarrassed and now I will just go to bed in shame………….

idk man I just like bonding moments okay painting with usopp is cute

drew a conis for inktober a few days ago

have i ever mentioned how much i love conis because like dAMN GIRL

she was gonna get stabbed iN THE FACE and didn’t flinch and then pulled out a GIANT BAZOOKA that she clearly knew how to use just to make sure these people who didn’t want anything to do with her could live

what a badass

I’ll never get over this flashback… My poor heart..! T_T

As a result, I shall keep drawing these two!

Don’t worry, they won’t hit anything. Cora-san just checked the direction with his binoculars. (Even if he is clumsy on land, he can navigate at least..!) He can afford a moment to make sure Law is sleeping comfortably. ^^

howlercon character appreciation graphic series: eaddy mays as victoria argent

(linden ashby/the sheriff)