This is my contribution to the MONSTERFALLS AU because I love it. I hope you’re ok with it

Carla “Hotpants” McCorkle as harpy/siren!

In this AU Carla never really left Stan for some random guy but she accidentally fell into Fluvius Cantatis instead. She changed into a harpy and run away (or fly away in this case) because she was afraid of what Stan would’ve thought of her. Stan was looking for her everywhere but she disappeared and no one saw her ever since. i only can make sad headcanons sorry

So why is Carla a harpy/siren?

-Sirens are beautiful yet dangerous… hey I think I’ve just made my point.

-Sirens were associated with beautiful music, I’m pretty sure Carla loves music

-I don’t know, it makes sense to me

-I’m pretty sure there was no harpies yet in this AU, I needed to fix that

-Gargrunkle and Sphinx!Stanley already have wings, I wanted Carla to have wings too.

-Harpies are awesome. Carla is awesome.

-Hot pants? More like… HOT WINGS!! :’D im so sorry

If you have any more questions, you are free to ask or make your own headcanons, really.

I stood over there, and I saw how badass my wife is,“ he continued, alluding to Lambert, his wife of nearly five years. “She was out here like a lightning rod, and she’s not afraid. … I’m proud of you because you stayed out here for the right reasons.
A fat friend on FB doesn’t wanna wear a fatkini because she’s afraid of someone pointing and laughing at her and it just hurts my heart like ....I really hate assholes who do that shit. Who make women (and men) feel like they can’t show off their bodies and feel pretty just because they don’t adhere to society’s thin standard of beauty. I’m scared to wear my fatkini but I’m not gonna let that fear hold me back. I’m sick of worrying about what other people will think of me. Especially because I know I’m fucking sexy

someone: what’s your favorite song from four

me: she’s not afraid

someone: do you mean girl alm-


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she's not afraid is a fuckin jam

do u know that i waited every day of the tmh tour for harry to interact with niall during his solo in that song and the day he finally pulled niall’s shirt down i died and went to hell

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NaruHina is a digusting ship. Naruto is still gay for team 7 and Hinata had to cut her hair like Sakura's. Naruto is never home, lol Sakura's house has been empty so who knows what Naruto and Sakura have done in there while Salad SK daughter is in school. I bet Sakura is preggers with Naruto's baby and she's afraid of telling Naruto about it. Hinata is home all alone crying everyday because her husband is cheating on her with multiple women. C'mon Naruto sticking to one vag only? nigga pls


Yknow what I aint even gonna bother.

je-deteste-mon-travail has entered the den

(( je-deteste-mon-travail ))

 The she-wolf turned her attention to the approaching human. He wasn’t stocky like most of the male humans she had encountered so far. But that didn’t mean he was not a potential threat. Her fur raised, and her ears curved forward to display she was not afraid of him.. Yet, her tail was relaxed, a sign of ‘I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me.

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✣ : Physical disability/disadvantage

((She would never talk about this publicly beyond a handful of people who know her secret, but Lux has a learning disability caused by a fall and subsequent concussion/brain damage that was never tended to.   It mostly affected her cognitive ability to process written language.  It’s not that she can’t read, it’ll take her hours to get through a paragraph and understand what she just read.  It’s why she has Araxus or her sister Leigh read for her.   She’s /very/ self conscious about it. 

She could’ve recovered just fine with the right medical attention, possibly, but her father opted not to because he was afraid she’d remember what she saw before her fall.  After she woke up from her coma she didn’t remember what happened that night so he opted to let her go untreated to save his rear.  Alistair is a bad person.  8(   ))

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He had finally found her and he was pissed to see what was being done to the woman he loved. So much so he had killed everyone that was in the hellish facility then returned to her. "Katerina. It's Elijah. I got you."

She cowered away from him a little bit. They had played with her mind before when it came to him. She just wasn’t sure if this time it was actually real. “Elijah..” She whispered. “Is it really you?” She asked her voice cracking as she was afraid that it wasn’t.

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help! my mom won't buy me tampons bc she's afraid "my cherry will pop & boys don't like that" but I don't care if a boy cares! I'm starting dance and it's horrible using pads do I convince her to let me switch!

wow I don’t even know how to respond to that. that’s the most frustratingly backwards thing I’ve heard in a while

I don’t think it’s going to be easy to reverse such extreme beliefs but you seem educated on the subject of feminism. you should make a powerpoint or speech of some sort where you just like refute all of her points

if she feels that way, I think you should secretly buy tampons. pads can be so inconvenient and some moms just don’t budge on certain subjects - she was probably taught that when she was younger and now it’s unthinkable for her beliefs to be wrong. try your best to talk to her first but I think you have the freedom to go to any drugstore and get yourself a box of tampons. it’s your body


This is Lena. I recently found this stray kitty (est 8- 10 weeks old) and we’ve nursed her back to health but she needs to find a forever home. I live in Houston so I’m looking for anyone in or around the area (I am willing to travel a few hours to drop her off.)

She is a sweet and playful little thing. She loves to run around chasing her jingle toys and squeaky orange mouse.  She is micro-chipped and registered, has gotten/is getting her vaccinations (round two next weekend) as well as heart-worm and parasitic worm testing.  She is eating solid foods and is litter trained (she will also notify you quite loudly when her litter box needs to be cleaned lol.)

She is not very afraid of getting bathed unless you get water on her face. I’ve walked around petco with her in my arms and she watched the other animals (dogs that walked by and such) and didn’t freak out (she actually fell asleep.) She also loved getting petted by everyone (kids, adults and even one person with a HUGE dog) so she is very friendly

She has a collar with her ID Microchip tag and several toys, some blankets and her cuddle pillow. If you are interested please let me know. If you know anyone who might be, please let them know to send me a message. LETS FIND THIS LITTLE GIRL A FOREVER HOME, GUYS!!! ^__^

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Alois's s.o. tells him she's afraid of the dark and her biggest fear is being abandoned. What is his reaction?

//Thanks for your request, love. I hope you enjoy :)//

Alois was a bit dumbfounded. Was his s/o just acting a mockery of himself? It seemed like a major coincidence that the two were both afraid of the same things. He came off a bit insulting at first, asking if his partner was serious.

A hurt look crossed his s/o’s face as they looked down and mumbled, “Of course I’m serious.”

Realizing he’d unintentionally hurt his lover, his eyes widened and he stammered out several apologies. “I just thought it was crazy that we both have the same fears. This does make our relationship a bit easier, though, doesn’t it?”

His partner was relieved he didn’t deride them at their confession, however at his last statement, they were thoroughly confused. “How so?”

“I mean, when we sleep together, neither of us will complain about a light staying on.” He paused before adding, “As for the other one, we just won’t leave each other. Ever.”

His partner smiled at him, pulling him into a tight hug. Alois was overjoyed as he fervently hugged them back. Everyone thought his fears were childish. They all thought that his fear of abandonment made him overbearing. Now he’d found someone that understood where he was coming from–that understood him.

“We can be together forever and ever,” claimed his s/o, if not for themselves, then for Alois.

“Mhm,” Alois agreed. “I love you,” he cheerfully exclaimed.

“I love you, too,” they responded, pulling away from the hug to peck his cheek.

Alois hurriedly tugged them back into him, not wanting their hug to be over yet. This time, he was gentler–holding them securely, but not crushing them. He laid his head in the crook of their neck. “I’m so glad you’re mine,” he said. And he really was. They were the best thing that had ever happened to him.

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Remmy still occasionally took assignments, and she figured that worried her boyfriend when she went off to do dangerous things. However when she returned from an assignment that should have only taken two days almost a week later bruised and bandaged, well he wasn't going to be happy. Walking in the door and seeing a rather worried Dino, Remmy ran to hug him. "I'm sorry that I was gone that long."

Dino knew Remmy was a professional assassin. So in that sense he knew whenever she went on missions, she was in danger. It was the same with him since he was a mafia boss, so he could empathize. However, he couldn’t help but worry. That actually gave him more of a reason to worry.

When he heard the door open, Dino’s expression softened into a worried one. When she ran up and hugged him, Dino hugged her tightly back, as if he was afraid she would disappear if he let her go. “It’s ok, I’m just glad you’re back.”


Please pray for my aunt’s safety! There are a lot of storms in Texas right now and apparently she’s near some and says it’s very loud and she’s afraid. :/