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➳  She did not know if what she was about to do was even possible, or simply madness. As Armaros raised her with his hands, she closed her eyes, reaching out with her mind, reaching into the clockwork angel. And there it was, a sudden blaze, a bonfire, brighter than any spark she had ever seen before. She reached for it, wrapping it about herself, coils of white fire that burned and scorched her skin. She screamed aloud—And C h a n g e d. […] She was flying—flying upward. No, she was rising, growing. Her bones stretched and elongated, alattice being pulled outward and upward as she grew impossibly. […] She hadbecome I t h u r i e l.

That was a pretty intense interview

2 hours long. It was essentially two interviews in one. First part was pretty chill, the guy I spoke too was easy to talk to and we literally just had a conversation while he sprinkled in questions. But then when the second person came in, she was so impossible to talk to. I still did well, just had to try harder with her. I feel good about it. I don’t need the job, with all my disability pay, but Im able to work and Id rather bring in as much money as possible, so if I get this job Ill have 3 paychecks coming, then once I start school Ill have 4 all bringing in a good chunk of money. Finally Ill have some financial stability and can repair all the damages I made when I stupid and young. And once I finish college, Ill be even more set up for a better future.

I know you guys don’t care but I just wanted talk about how much Im looking forward to the future and hoping I can continue down a solid path of being an actual adult.

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➹ Sara Waisglass

Is that Sara Waisglass? No, that’s just Nora Lucas, a foster child from Seattle, Washington. She turned fourteen on her last birthday Her record would say she’s closed off and reserved, but her friends would say she’s compassionate and loving. I heard a rumor that her mother sold her for drugs when she was three, but that’s impossible since she’s trying to get back in contact with her - or is it?


Clara Oswald theory: Bad Wolf/Rose Tyler and Clara are somehow related


  • Bad Wolf was able to see all of time and space and mold it. (ep: Journey’s End)
  • Constant presence of roses around all three “versions” of Clara.
  • 'The most important leaf in human history' was from a Norway Maple. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). Darlig Ulv Stranden (a.k.a. Bad Wolf Bay) is located in Norway (ep: Doomsday / Journey’s End)
  • On 5 March 2005, Rose Tyler first met the Doctor. (ep: Rose) 5 March 2005 is also the date when Clara’s mother died. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten).
  • Clara is always wearing red clothes (or something red, like her bag in The Rings of Akhaten). Red is the color of most common roses. Also, this could be a clever reference to Red Riding Hood, whose enemy was the Wolf.
  • The TARDIS doesn’t seem to like Clara (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). This may be due to the fact that she is an anomaly of the Universe. The same thing happened with Jack Harkness, since Bad Wolf gave him immortality. The TARDIS tried to shake Jack off (ep: Utopia).
  • The car that almost hit Clara’s father is extremely similar to the one that killed Rose’s father (ep: The Rings of Akhaten / Father’s Day)
  • Clara sings the Duran Duran song “Hungry Like A Wolf” (ep: Cold War)

inspired by [this]

The chained up Dalek Clara will eventually be the chained up Dalek in the episode ‘Dalek’ that Rose touches and makes too human.  The Dalek eventually kills itself and splits its atoms (I think?) because it has become ‘too human.’ That’s why there’s so many Rose references.

Does anyone else remember when 9 and Rose were on Satellite 5 and there was a news thingie that went something like “Face of Boe expecting Baby Bohemia” or something like that? I think Clara is that kid.

has anyone noticed that every epsiode always involves the Doctors past?

  1. Asylum showed the return of the Daleks, including some he encountered in Classic Who.
  2. Snowmen and Bells of St. John had the Great Intelligence.
  3. Rings of Akaten the Doctor had been to the planet before.
  4. Cold War shows the return of the Ice Warriors.

idk it’s possibly a coincidence, but it’s for sure interesting…


Focus on the dream, focus on the details, picture them, feel them. The TARDIS will track on your subconscious and extract the relevant information. It should be able to home in on the moment in your timeline when you first had that dream.