she's so concentrated


Headcanon that Levi and Hange love to take baths together but for them that’s not a sensual experience, it’s just a way to be close to each other and to find comfort. Levi loves washing Hange’s hair and undo the knots in it and Hange makes a massage in his back and even she doesn’t being a professional Levi still loves it because she is taking care of him and trying to please him. So they stay cuddled for a long time in the bathtub just feeling the moment and I don’t know this make me really emotional.


I got 500 notes on that stupid comic OVER NIGHT what the hell you guys set a new record for me, thanks. Have this stupid thing as an offer.

And guys, of course we’re attending your marriage. We’re stalkers after all.

Put an extra “You may kiss” scene.


Soul Eater // Lodestar (?) 

O god the latest chapter of Lodestar (by marshofsleep) just forced me to lie down for a while and have all the cowboy feels. All of these are doodles, i’m sorry for the non-existent quality. ;n; 

look at what she’s drawing what’s coming out of her mind omg

Armin’s very first Really Cool Rocks and Stuff Expo has a very dedicated audience of one who doesn’t need Armin’s warning that this is all to be taken very seriously

anonymous asked:

can you write a punk luke where he's a tattoo artist & youre going with your friend who's getting a tattoo & you and luke hit it off & eventually start dating? thanks! (:

a/n: okay I got a little (very) carried away and maybe ventured a off on some sort of fluffy af (honestly so fluffy, so cliche) tangent but anyway. hope you like it, anon :) 
word count: 2800

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The first time you met Luke you felt like a stupid cliche. He was gorgeous and brooding and you had just unwittingly wandered into his domain. You had promised you would accompany your best friend while she got her first tattoo – you know, hold her hand and make her laugh so she wouldn’t concentrate on how much she was convinced it’d hurt.

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                  can you please back off a little bit?
                                                                                           I’m trying to work here
                                                           and it’s hard to focus with your lingering
                                                            presence b r e a t h i n g down my neck ❞

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So I have this levihan headcanon that when Hange works really long and deep into the night, her hands get cold but she doesn’t notice because she’s so concentrated. Levi knows this and comes to her room every night at like 1am because he can’t sleep and awkwardly holds her hands until he considers them warm enough again (for some weird reason his hands are always warm) He also sometimes tells her her hands are cold during the day even though they aren’t because he wants to hold her hands. Hange totally knows it’s just a shitty excuse and loves to tease him with that.