she's in neverland


Maybe this is where we were supposed since the beginning.



That just became this inevitable place we kept getting to. And we got so excited by it, particularly because it leads very naturally to a whole new story we’re telling that hopefully as you look through the whole season, feels like they connected to each other and spoke to each other in thematic and character ways that make a lot of sense.

NEVERLAND: coming to the cw 20never

a modern retelling of peter pan, centered on wendy darling as a young adult in a big city who’s always dreaming about faraway jungles and lagoons, pirates and lost boys who were her companions in a time long gone. out in the real world now, she finds herself entangled in a mystery that unfolds across london when the lost boys and their world begin bleeding into hers. alone in the skyscrapers with dreams of so much more, wendy begins to uncover the heart of neverland and the secrets peter pan never dared to tell her. and all she has to do is believe.


Spread the word: Ruby for Mayor, y’all!  You know she ran that town with Granny and Belle while Operation Save Henry (You wouldn’t like my two moms when they’re angry: Shock and Awe) was underway.  And after the rest of it’s citizens return from Neverland, Storybrooke decides to hold it’s first post-curse Mayoral election.  Regina sits this one out, preferring to spend time with just-rescued Henry.  King Widmore immediately puts his hat in the ring, assuming he will run unopposed.  But another candidate steps forward, a true underdog, if you will…