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spaghettiobrando asked:

good vibes! my mom who has actively denied my identity ever since i came out to her two years ago has finally agreed to help me get on estrogen and just met with my doctor and said that i'll be starting hormones really soon!

so apparently anti-sera nonny has some friends and they were gossiping openly about me and my blog - though this new phenomenon seems to be happening to a few people in this fandom lately. c’mon guys, if you can’t handle one person simply liking a character that you don’t to the point that you need to poke fun at them like a group of preteens whispering in a junior high bathroom then you are really not ready to handle what it’s like to deal with people in the real world. 

you’re always going to have a friend or a colleague who says that they like Y when you like X and you wouldn’t gossip behind their back and try to defame them over it. stop trying to spread negativity in this fandom. there has already been too much harassment and too many death threats over issues in the last couple of weeks. if you want the fandom to be better, you yourselves need to think hard about how you talk to people. 

New headcanon: Cullen’s lip scar came from a particularly rough sparring session with Cassandra. 

Doodle of what Dark’s eventually gonna look like if people start losing interest in the idea of “Darkiplier”.

He’s very thin and very frail looking and looks constantly exhausted. His tendrils basically dried up and crumbled away and he’s stopped trying to suppress his smoke.