she was amazing!


I ordered a pack of high quality poly bags for my cels. I forgot all about them until they arrived just now. My afternoon has become rebagging all of my cels (one per layer where I can, separate bags for douga or production sheets, all very nice). Organization, always good for losing myself, with the added benefit of letting me enjoy my cel collection. I’ll take it.

I’ve been bouncing games a lot, but one that’s doing well for me at the moment is Chroma Squad. It’s a new release that we Kickstarted a couple years ago, a tactical RPG where you create a sentai team and guide them through starting their own studio, shooting episodes, etc. I’m positive I don’t need to tell you the basis for my five-person team. I’m not up for really selling the game at the moment (though I will say that I’m enjoying it pretty well, despite the poor selection of female hero options), so someone remind me to talk about them more later. I will say, however, that it appears the current storyline has my character in the Leader position letting the fame go to her head and demanding more focus and screentime. So guess who my leader is and how perfect all that is playing out right now.


Okay I wanted to try this too so. Since this one wont sell at lower prices, clearly the only option is higher prices~

150k here!   jade/charcoal/grey, 1 / 4 unexalted with this color combo, 1 / 16 total if that means anything to anyone.   

Buyer gets the fullsize image!

Edit: Sold!!

Final Thoughts on EXO Next Door
  1. Gwangsu and Sehun’s relationship is GOLD
  2. Had such a great plot that went to waste because it was a web drama
  3. Suho’s storyline! OH MY GOSH!! The struggles of a leader… asoiatehaoishgajlhasoihgl Should have been explored more, just saying, but again web dramas are short af
  4. Last but not least…. Do Kyungsoo is unbelievable, incredible, amazing, astounding… He needs to be the main lead of some drama ASAP. Like, NOW. HE’S SO FREAKING GOOD AT ACTING I JUST CAN’T!
PSA for Lydia

I’ve been talking to Lydia (who’s understandably so emotionally and physically exhausted she can barely words), and she asked me if I could make a post to say how inexpressibly grateful she is for all the love, understanding, good thoughts, and/or prayers everyone has been sending her way. She appreciates every single one so deeply, and she wanted to make sure that you guys know how much she’s feeling the love.

So huge cyberhugs to everyone who’s reached out. It means so much to her.



A fantastic night! I got to see and meet an amazing singer who I’ve been a HUGE fan of for close to a decade. She was so lovely to talk to and so entertaining to watch. I look forward to her upcoming album!

And I came out of the night looking just as BAMF, if not more so, than when I left home!

bb9 is a very underrated season tbh. it clearly isn’t one of the best but it’s also not one of the worst (i don’t trust anyone who has shitrifecta 12/14/16 above it)

the pre-jury has a horrible bootlist but the season is filled with drama and seeing matt/joshuah/chelsia/james all get pwnt in a row is amazing. plus sheila is one of the most iconic people on earth

Time to get her fiery enjoyable spirit shining! Can’t wait to see what you all have in store for this lovely lady Samantha! ;DD


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