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Dippica request: Pacifica tries to kiss Dipper for the first time and accidentally headbutts him

Ok I love absolutely everything about this! This is part 1 of a two pieced fic, so expect the next one hopefully tomorrow. 

Just a little side note that this does take place in my own story (AU? I dont even know what to call it XP) so there is a little back story in there. Hope you enjoy it guys!

Attempt One

Pacifica gulped nervously as she stared up at the object ofher affection.

Dipper Pines was pressed up against her, using his height to grab the item she had been trying to reach on the top shelf just a few seconds ago; he was such a gentleman when he wanted to be. Why Pacifica decided to turn around to look at him she blamed on basic instinct. The Northwest heiress felt like the vast, open room was now a tight fitting closet, the air felt stagnant and dry, just like her mouth.

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Imagine Izaya antagonizing Shizuo relentlessly about his soon-to-be-born child and actually getting him really worried and worked up about if he's father material, but then he gets home and his daughter somehow just /knows/ what he's done. It's an all out civil war in the Orihara house until Izaya (allegedly) apologizes.

that’s so depressing because if shizuo was expecting in canon, i think izaya would definitely do that to him… and shizuo, with how he views himself and his strength, would be affected by that and he’d get really nervous but wouldn’t want to talk about it with vorona (because what if she agrees and wants him away from their baby, his mind says)

HAHHA izanamie baby just knows and clings onto izaya’s leg, making it impossible for him to do anything relatively productive until he calls shizuo and grumbles and apology

she uses both her feet and jumps on izaya’s and demands he properly apologizes

namie is so proud of her…


Mom, are you going to be ok?


5x18 // 7x11


Will + empathy


The best thing about that hug (other than the unabashed love squees and the beautiful, content laughter) was how NATURAL it seemed.  

The first thing Damon did when he saw Bonnie was hold out his arms, and Bonnie ran into them without thinking.  You even saw Damon’s face change from happiness to delight as he realized she was racing towards him.  

Damon didn’t miss a beat when Bonnie jumped into his arms.  Normally, that type of leap-into-your-arms hug throws the jumpee off for a second, but Damon wasn’t even surprised.  So either they had hugged like this before so he was expecting it, or their friendship had grown so much while they were stuck together that it was just a natural progression for that to be a comfortable way to show affection.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t hug my friends like that.  Especially not my best friend’s boyfriend.  I’m a convert.  Team Bamon gained a member tonight.

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holy crap avon is so ulzzang and pretty and that means DAN LIKES ASIAN GIRLS!!!!!

i’ve got 302437284 asks about this go away

they know each other and went for sushi dinner + both tweeted about it

avon used to date capndesdes, there’s a pic on her twitter

avon’s boyfriend isn’t dan unless dan owns a kyary pamyu pamyu sweater we don’t know about

that doesn’t look like his hair either

bad example bc i have no good photos but the crown? parting? idk of dan’s hair is off centred and lower down, plus his hair wasn’t that long in march last year

this ask is really vague, i don’t get why people have to keep bringing the same old shit up. why can’t we just respect avon, she’s probably sick of it. 

why does it matter if they know each other? are friends? are dating? aren’t dating? hate each other? it doesn’t affect your life one bit. 

if you don’t know about old phandom drama, just accept that

don’t piss people off who have been around since 2009-2012 just because you’re nosey af. privacy.

i’m not even going to bother with “dan likes asian girls” because that’s fetishistic and disgusting stop

I just realized that Carol is probably the only woman to ever show affection towards Daryl (not sure about his mom but even then). Like he has never been loved by anyone like that and knowing this makes me really sad that he hasn’t experienced it before. It also makes me really happy to know that Carol is going to be his first for everything and that she is the one he will open up to in the end, hopefully.


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Joaquín never breaks his habit of rising early, despite his occasional insomnia and is always the one who wakes up the other two later with soft kisses and coffee. Also, even though he's a light sleeper he never gets cranky if María's loud snoring wakes him up. In fact sometimes it just puts him back to sleep cause it reminds him she's still alive.

Bury me.

Joaquin is, of the three, the one who does the most tiny tasks to show his affection, from making coffee to tiny wake up kisses to just wow I just think he loves them so much and he’s really gentle when he thinks about them and he thinks they can’t see that look on his face but they see it and they know. They know he’s really tender and appreciates their presence more than anything in the world because he lost them both once. He lost them and he never wants them to go away ever again so he works extra hard to show that. An extra kiss, a lingering touch, a soft hug from behind, anything he can do.

Soft Joaquin, warm Joaquin, little ball of fluff~

CC Ask Masterpost 2

Wow, that means so much to me! :D I’m so happy you support them! CC is the one who is more forward and upfront about her emotions and she is not afraid of informing Tails of her affection, but Tails just kind of takes it like a crush that’s not serious. He doesn’t understand the extent of her feelings, since he doesn’t even know his own his self. I imagine when they finally do end up together, it’s a situation where CC is trying to get Tails to admit he loves her. Like, he’s trying to say he’s not (cue “Won’t Say I’m In Love” from Hercules) but she does one of those things where she describes what being in love is like, not from what she’s read or what she’s seen in movies, but because of what she feels, and he realizes it’s the same and that he really is in love with her too.

CC was originally made by a reclusive inventor who builds machines and computers to assist him. Though he only spends his time with CC and the computers he has programmed, he does not treat them like friends and does not even name any of them. He shuts CC down when she becomes too expressive and motivated, but he passes away from old age not long after shutting her down. Without anyone to maintain it, the building falls apart and crushes many of the other machines inside. CC is not aware of any of this until she is reawakened by Tails.

IF they decided on kids, I would agree that they would probably adopt. However, as mentioned before, CC is not really a motherly type. She is loyal and likes to help people, but I don’t think either of them would want to have to take care of little ones other than their niece and nephews.

CC always finds a way to get offended by everyday appliances haha! This would absolutely happen!


We fight like siblings.

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Jodi!! I was re-watching Mockingjay pt 1 at work (Nanny) and the second time we see Peeta and how he's changed because of the hijacking and Katniss is obvs worried because he looks so different and then she says "Even his voice has changed" and you know if that doesn't scream love then I don't know what does??? Like she literally doesn't know she's even in love with him yet but she knows him well enough to notice a different voice on him!!?!?!??

Well the thing is, I think she does indeed know she’s in love with him. She cares about him immensely. His well being is like the main thing she cares about while staying in D13. She has dreams about him. She’s constantly fidgeting with her pearl in times of distress. She fights back against the president to ensure his safety.

I think she loves him, but being Katniss and not really having any sort of experience with that type of affection, she doesn’t know how to react. Like, she’s so used to her and Gale’s type of relationship, that her relationship with Peeta kind of throws her off guard.

Katniss and Gale have a very close platonic relationship in my opinion. They grew up together, went hunting every day, knew each other’s families. Kept each other alive, you know?

But her relationship with Peeta runs far deeper. She starts having these feelings she didn’t believe to be possible; a hunger, specifically. She loses her mind when she believes him to be dead multiple times throughout the series. She needs him in her life. She cannot survive without him.

And I know; she kisses Gale a few times in Mockingjay. But like, in my opinion again, they seemed a little hasty, desperate. As if she missed the feeling, and was like, “Well Gale is right here and he loves me so okay I’ll settle.” She never really has that connection with him that she has with Peeta.

So yeah, I do believe she loves Peeta and is aware that something is there. But like Finnick said, it’s just in a way that she doesn’t really know herself. It’s something entirely new to her, something that she needs to kind of catch up on. 

"You’re so sweet, you know that?" He asked with a laugh as he sat back and took a sip of his own drink. "You want me to take you to a fancy hotel but I piss you off" he rolled his eyes. Killian smiled as she talked about Rome. He had been an idiot. In way over his head. "I think I just really wanted an excuse to go to Europe" he replied with a shrug. "And yeah, maybe I was a fool who thought I could buy the pretty girl’s affections" he admitted embarrassedly.

//Yeah it is a little weird. But can’t blame him for wanting the world to know what an amazing husband he has ;) Im never at work on time so take that back!!

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didnt i just say that it's here in my country so obviously i bought a ticket? i cringed the same way i cringed while watching RTN. What really bothered me in this film was the hanabi and hinata bond. I got more emotions out of sai and sakura when they saw hanabi and hinata's just like "oh you poor thing" wtf. They made hinata look like a girl who doesnt know her priorities in this film/the way she knits all the time/and when her mind was read. and yes im really rich thanks.

Wow. So let me get this straight. You, a SS fan, who’s clearly able to note the subtleties in Sasuke’s reciprocation of Sakura’s affection in Part 1 (something many a neutral and anti overlooked which is why SS got so much shit over the years) to the point where his forehead poke was no big shocker once he made it all the way through the light side of that Face-Heel revolving door, couldn’t understand despite the scarf being intended for Naruto, was done during the mission as a coping mechanism due to anxiety over Hanabi’s capture? Did you forget how Hinata volunteered to join the mission herself? How she had to leave Naruto hanging after he confessed to save her sister and destroy the Tenseigan? The mind reading moment was meant for laughs, obviously. The moment she woke up first thing she did was check on Hanabi. She isn’t shocked in that moment because we see through flashback Toneri already showed her condition at which point she’s this close to tearing his head off before Naruto reappears.

I mean damn, at least this isn’t a blatant ripoff of Kushina’s flashback of Naruto’s birth like RtN was.

Arrow Predictions: 3x15 Nanda Parbet (Spoiler Alert)

So two more days until we see Merlyn get whats coming to him but I am wondering as I’m sure most of you are where does this leave our favorite IT girl and vigilante in green.

Well after watching the promo for this weeks episode there are a few things that may or may not take place. As always spoiler alert because I may just be right lol. Here we go…

So first and foremost, based on the promo it is obvious that we will be going to Nanda Parbet to save Malcolm Merlyn’s little scheming self. It also appears that Thea is the one who ousted him to the league. Now how will this affect Thea’s safety is really anyones guess.

OMG wouldn’t it be awesome if Ras actually takes Thea under his wing and she becomes a bad ass. Now I know your thinking..

But hear me out. I have said before I would thoroughly enjoy seeing Thea become some sort of villain. Momentarily of course until Oliver could snap her out of it but I mean the girl has been through a lot. Psychologically she is probably all messed up in the head so we couldn’t really hold it against it and it would be very entertaining to watch. Just think about it lol

So the episode seems to entail Oliver and Diggle working together to save Malcolm. Felicity will probably be helping Ray Palmer since we’ve seen the grand revelation of the suit.

Im just going to be honest here, I read somewhere that he looked like a power ranger and I believe that is a very accurate comparison. 

Im not very confident in his fighting abilities. And I think its ridiculous that he has chosen to become a vigilante to save the city. I mean are there no positions available in local government. There must be some type of philanthropy work her could be doing. But I digress.

So Felicity will probably be helping Ray until she finds out that her hubby and her bff (Oliver and Diggle of course) are in major need of her expertise to get them out of yet another bind.

Now I know that everyone in the Felicity fandom is very anxious for Felicity to get hurt so that Oliver can save her but I definitely think its too early for that especially since Mama Smoak is not making an appearance for a couple of more episodes.

Alright so long story short:

The boys are going to go save Merlyn and Felicity will have to help cause “Girl Power”

Now remember I could be totally and completely wrong but guessing is half the fun lol. 

Also Stephen Amell posted this picture on his Facebook page saying that he was capturing memories for the last time or something to that effect:

I would love to know what he meant by that. Is Ray going to die (or lose a hand like in the comic books) Is Laurel going to decide that her costume is ridiculous and she didn’t spend all those years in law school to be running around getting her ass handed to her every night. Who knows but if you guys know something please spill!

What do you guys think will happen. And don’t worry about spoilers I want all the info I can get my hands on. Happy Shipping!!!

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If we're seeing Killian at his most "pirate-y" and we know it right before the curse hits, that means he is in full revenge mode, so Ursula fell in love with him and he used her and her affections for him for his revenge in some way is my guess... In some mythology, Ursula is the goddess of life and death at sea, but also, knowing hook, whatever he did he wouldn't have wanted to piss of the daughter of Poseidon? As a sailor that seems like the dumbest thing to do...

Killian has pissed off like a million people lololol. that’s just what happens when you’re over 300 years old but yeah dumb move. i wonder how she will get revenge on him?? guess through his love for emma. LIKE EVERY VILLAIN. 

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Mafia au, mafia boss has a secret girlfriend....

since you didn’t specify and I’ve been having major Gohn feels lately, I’m going with him. plus, I guess it’s about time I start writing some Topp Dogg scenarios lol. it’ll be short like always since I’m just now getting back into the swing of writing.

Gohn didn’t know what to do. He was the boss. He shouldn’t be this way, but that was the exact affect she had on him. She was different. He loved her. He had to choose. Her or the mafia. He’d already made his choice before he was even faced with having to choose between the two.
You heard Gohn come into the room and open the closet door. There was a lot of rustling and sounds of things being thrown around. You rolled over and turned on the lamp.
What are you doing?”, you asked groggily, propped up on one arm looking at him.
He was bent on one knee, shoving your clothes into a duffle bag.
We have to leave. Now”, he replied sternly without even looking up at you.
Put this on”.
He threw a sweater and some tights at you. You slowly did as you were told as he ran around the small apartment, frantically packing. By the time you finished pulling up your tights, he was pulling you out the door with one hand and the duffle bag in the other. You didn’t even have time to register what was going on but you knew not to question him when he was as serious as he was now. You just followed and tried to keep up with his long quick strides, still half asleep.
Gohn hated to do this to her. He knew she was happy with her life. Living in her small little apartment, lounging around with only his button ups on, painting her feelings and thoughts onto canvas, having him come home to her every night and making love to her most of those nights till the sun shined. It was a simple life but it’s what she chose and loved. He, on the other hand, was the boss of a mafia. Someone like him couldn’t have a simple life with her like this. That’s why he kept it a secret, but he was soon found out, hence, having to force her out of her happy, carefree lifestyle because he was too selfish of a man to let her go. Now they were on the run. The people he once considered family were out for blood. His and her blood.
Living life on the run, huh? Kinda romantic”, you mused as you smiled to yourself, wind blowing in your face as Gohn drove. You looked at him and saw that he had a slight smirk on his face after taking a casual glace at you. You’d follow this man to the end of the Earth if you had to.

Elsa spends the first months of her queenhood getting to know her sister, again, and pretty soon she’s so smitten even tho she doesn’t know it. She keeps thinking its sibling affection, the way she cares for Anna, the way she looks out for Anna, and its just Anna, Anna, and Anna.

And then Anna starts spending time with Kristoff because it’s nearing winter and the ice bizz is slow and Elsa can taste bile and bitterberries when Anna says his name. She doesn’t quite understand why until she wakes Anna one morning and her stomach drops and heats and turns when Anna undresses.

So it goes on like this, with Elsa wanting and Kristoff courting, and Anna somewhere confused in the middle because she can’t understand why she likes holding Elsa’s hand more than Kristoff’s and—why is she comparing them anyways? Except she does and Elsa always comes out on top.

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She had been afraid to tell him for so long that, now that the words were finally out, she felt little but relief.

He took a step toward her, and another; that hard, leaden stare never diverting as hands secured a loose hold on her waist; she could feel his warm breath on her own lips as he spoke with a smirk, his voice low and controlled.

"I know, Alayne; of course you’re inexperienced; you’re my untouched little whore.” The words were said with some sort of strange affection; she almost didn’t find herself offended by them, and while the lady in her might have been somewhat irked, she did her best not to show it.

"Why do you think I never let them buy you? You’re not meant for them, my girl," and the way his mouth hovered, lips just slightly pressing to hers before he turned away and left her there; she knew exactly who she was meant to belong to.