the more i think about it the more neil gaimain’s justification for why the doctor had to be a male because he had to be colder, harder, scarier, and in short that that was something inherently male

the more it pisses me off

we live in an age of alice goddamn morgan like


in what world - esp this one where women are constantly demonized and shoved down and made into nightmares for being scary or unappealing or refusing to accede to social mores - can a woman not be terrifying?

think about taking all the doctor’s refusal to play by the rules, to be normal or present as normal or even sane, his problems with boundaries and his burning desires and rages and flippant strangeness and vagueness and playfulness that occasionally hones into terrifying sharpness and knowledge 

and put that in a woman’s body

and think how much more scary that would be to an audience trained to see women like that as unhinged and villainous and more often than not unable to be contained by the text they are in

and how subversive it would be to put all that in the name of a character we love so deeply and know and root for; how we wouldn’t be able to just dismiss all that prickling uneasiness and all that complexity as just plain villainy or ditziness or any of the countless other reasons we find to detest female characters who don’t fit inside the box or are obstinately Not Perfect and occasionally idiotic and wildly emotional just because she’s a woman 

because she would also - in addition to all of that - be our doctor


There are many better places to go, birds, that are far away from me.

                          zadie always has a jacket. it doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees out; she will, at the very least, have a jacket with her. mostly because most public buildings, in her opinion, seriously over-air condition the place. it’s not that a temperature in the mid-sixties will deprive her of her powers (she can operate fairly well at considerably lower temperatures than that). she just really, really, really hates the cold. she refuses to even enter the frozen foods section in any supermarket for the same reason.