The Charlottesville Police Department is searching for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Elizabeth Graham. She was last heard from early Saturday morning.

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Imagine, getting up in the morning, and seeing that you got a spot, and you don’t think that the world has come to an end. You just put something on it and walk out into the world because you’re so happy, with yourself and your space, that you can just take that space and you don’t need to apologize for yourself. Imagine that ! That would be a great place to be. Imagine getting up in the morning and just putting on your clothes without even having to think about whether they make you look one way or the other. Because you know that your space in the world is insured. You’re allowed to be whatever you want or need to be. And you’re welcome like that. Imagine that ! (x)


She is so much older.

Her features are softer, her flirtatiousness abated. All that sass and fire kept neatly behind her professorial title. And she lets him lead. She lets his younger self swoop in and out of deductions and only guides him when he can’t seem to see through his emotions. There’s no teasing or presentation, there’s just her hand to hold. A hand that no longer keeps a sonic blaster but his sonic screwdriver. This isn’t the wild River that baits Sontarans, she’s the Professor that slips her husband a note with a kiss before going to work. She’s so familiar and intimate and that’s why this moment kills me, because she’s giving it all up. She knows that whatever happens today will write their entire story - and without even blinking, she still lets him choose. 


She’s dead… she’s so lonely.

The way the Doctor completely changes semblance the moment Emma mentions the music room is so sad, because the telepath wasn’t just picking up a signal, she was picking up two. And you can see him pause and stop himself from looking over. River was always there guys, but only the Doctor knew it. 


Both realities. Both realities in my head.


"Her name is Yelena Belova and she wants the Black Widow title for herself."


And he’ll look after me as much as I look after him. Trust me when I say I’m safe and I’ll always be safe. And if anything does happen to me (and it better not cos I’ll come back and haunt his skinny little life for ever) I know he won’t leave you wondering. He’ll tell you no matter how hard that would be for him. Because he understands being alone and how wrong that is and I don’t think my little spaceman would wish that on anyone.

Donna Noble, Beautiful Chaos (by Gary Russell)


"It’s always been my theory of the show— this sort of reverse…reverse escapism theory, which is that a fantasy world of fantasy characters became interested in real life and wanted to participate in that. Steven is the son of a human being and a crystal gem…and he’s like the product of fantasy having this love affair with reality. And all the imperfections of real life could be beautiful, and fascinating to someone. And those are the things that are sort of exotic, and foreign, and interesting to these characters who are used to the impossible perfection of their fantasy world." X


You even look like him.