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White Laces|||Heavy Nights

White Laces comes to us from the SHDWPLY Festival in Norfolk, VA with new guy “Heavy Nights” from their forthcoming debut LP.  Is that a maraca in Jimmy Held’s hand? Yes, and that’s guitarist Alex French taking a break from the Telecaster for some time on the keys.    

In addition to their debut LP, White Laces has a couple of splits set for release early next year with Phil’s Arches and fellow Richmonders Snowy Owls.  Check the vid for “Hands In Mexico” below off the upcoming White Laces/Snowy Owls 10” on HSAL.

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Bounce Four - Gary War

[New Raytheonport - 2008 - SHDWPLY]

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Gary War - Horribles Parade

Genre: Experimental/Shdwply/Pop

This is an album you should probably have, and also you should listen to it more than five times before you pass and judgment. I feel like I am living in the future.

Highlights: No Payoff and Highspeed Drift

"When coming across projects like Gary War, there’s always a temptation to toss the record in the pile marked “bedroom psych” and let that be the end of it. To be sure, a good number of listeners have often lumped the New York–based act together with similar sounding operations. Ariel Pink comes up as a frequent and popular point of comparison. Blank Dogs provide another obvious touchstone, given the mysterious nature of each group’s initial work, the collaboration between the two, and Gary War’s affiliation with Captured Tracks, the label run by Blank Dogs’ Mike Sniper. Horribles Parade, however, establishes Gary War as a truly singular artist worthy of attention.

The follow-up to last year’s New Raytheonport and Gary War’s second release on the venerable Sacred Bones label, Horribles Parade serves as a solid example of what good lo-fi psychedelic rock is capable. Throughout the record, each song benefits from remarkably intricate arrangements. Sure, there’s the basic guitar, synths and found sounds run through the effects gamut that are typical of the genre, but the dense layers are constructed in a capable manner that inundates the songs with sound without getting too chaotic and rewards multiple listens—especially through headphones.

While the bulk of Horribles Parade delves into a darker, groove-oriented corner of the psychedelic landscape than that of its predecessor, the album does showcase Gary War’s versatility. “No Payoff” takes on a lighter, pop-tinged air that makes good use of the watery vocal effects, while “For Cobra” provides an interesting trance counterpoint. Productive detours like these help to make Horribles Parade the successful sophomore effort that it is, establishing that, while there’s still room to grow, Gary War is in the right place at the moment.” - Agit Reader

Yeah, always a good day when there’s some new PC WORSHIP to stick between the ears. Brooklyn heroes, well, maybe not heroes, but maybe pillars, nah, not pillars. Whatever the guys in PC WORSHIP are, their music is BAD. But bad meaning good. Led by longtime real dude Justin Frye, PC WORSHIP play a droning, deep well style dirtbag-collage-rock. This new track “Rust” is a harbinger for the album SOCIAL RUST, which is not only the band’s new album (previous albums on labels like SHDWPLY RECORDS, NEW IMAGES, NIGHT PEOPLE), but also their first encounter with NORTHERN SPY RECORDS. For me this is a grand meeting, two of my favorite NYC entities finally getting together, finally getting it on. IT WAS WRITTEN. I love NORTHERN SPY. DULL TOOLS is co-releasing the record it should be said (they also just released that BETH ISRAEL record, so way to be DT).

Get down to PC WORSHIP. Evil, evil rock music. Not sure of peers or equals of this queasy and rolling sludge forth. Sludge forth. Sludge forth.
Staples that’s the word! This track from the NYC underground staples (they look @ pretty faces and they puke) is doing exactly what it ought to as the thing expands, Frye incanting, over a pummeling bass and drum thud. Adam Markiewicz’s violin (also abused in THE DREEBS) carves itself a path through at least knee deep muck, travelling just beneath the surface all the way until the end of the tale. Love that vocal flow. My mother would would get very tense if she were to listen to this. I will not play it for her. I will play “Rust” for about the 15th time today though. Put you good ear on this bad number and get in line for the record. It arrives early September, and you’ll need it. PC WORSHIP, are, to use an outdated term, TOP SHRIMP. Will get them to Boston to do this thing live ASAP.