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Hard work pays off. Here’s something me and my brother Xander have been working on from June onwards, CRYSELIA. This is the video from our first [OFFLINE BLOG] Event. We made it happen. Video: Shazzy Shahbaz 

Let Me Clear My Throat

Today is Day 15 of my vegan (more like vegetarian…damn u, cheese!) experience and I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts.  Actually, I had penned an opus to share before tumblr went wooky and lost it.

Please accept the following more abbreviated, less pithy observations:

1. It’s easier than you would think.  There are plenty of different meal options and combinations that are incredibly filling and makes the absence of meat almost unnoticeable.  Not every meal consists of a big salad, people.

2. Changing your eating habits is a personal journey.  Don’t expect everyone to understand or support you.  Besides, everyone shouldn’t have to.  What you put in your mouth is your business.  If I let all the adversarial type questions get to me, I would have been derailed Day 2.  Either keep what’s on your plate to yourself or ignore the naysayers.  Your choice.  I live in Texas.  Almost everyone eats meat.  Babies teeth with beef jerky. (Well maybe not, but I am sure if anyone has tried, it’s a Texan.)  Its just a little more challenging to find other vegetarians or people who empathize with them.

3. You aren’t going to have every answer Day 1.  Overachieving little me had to learn the hard way that I couldn’t answer every question or figure out every balanced meal combination.  I trust that with the proper reading and researching, I am well on my way to a well balanced diet.

4. Accept help.  I know I just said that its a personal journey (it is!), but it also takes a bit of support.  Ask other vegans and vegetarians how they got started.  I know its helped me.  I have had total strangers offer book recommendations, help me navigate Whole Foods when the question mark on my forehead was too huge to ignore… its been great.

5. Baby steps are the key.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, Lady Gaga didn’t decide to don a meat dress in an second, and eliminating all things animal doesn’t happen in an instant.  If nothing, I’ve learned not to beat myself up and try to eliminate as I feel comfortable.  It’s why my 15 days have been more vegetarian than vegan.  Eggs and cheese are a couple of toughies for me.

I am educating myself with the following books that I hope to share reviews on in the future:

- Detox Your World by Shazzie

- Veganist by Kathy Freston

- Skinny Bitch by Rory Friedman

- The Vegan College Cookbook by PETA

I started my journey because I realized that I was at my lowest and least energetic after meals.  Food is fuel not a hinderance.  Something was definitely wrong with my diet.  Initially, I worried that because my journey wasn’t tied to my spirituality or belief that Elsie the Cow needed saving that I wouldn’t be successful.  I have to admit that the longer I eat more “kindly”, the more I feel like the universe is treating me in kind.  Weird, but true.  Only time will tell.

Thanks for letting me clear my throat.  : )

A beautiful raw food enthusiast named Shazzie is selling this necklace on her website.  I think this necklace is so beautiful.. probably because of the butterfly.

  • "Handmade sterling silver pendant with the Aum symbol in the centre surrounded by a lotus flower: Aum signifies yours, and the Universe’s, ultimate truth, that all is one. Surrounded by the lotus flower that slowly but persistently grows up through the mud and muck towards the light.”

eren gets into an angry ass rant and jean is way too fucking tired to have it today so he just reaches out and squishes eren’s cheeks together and eren is getting more pissed but you can’t make out the words because jean is just squishing his face and then he leans in and kisses eren’s forehead

when he pulls away eren is just quietly looking up at him with a wide eyed “what the fuck” look but jean is still squishing his face so it’s kind of hilarious

jean says to eren they should try to be more like normal couples and try and cuddle or something rather than head-butting each other and exchanging insults 

so after much persuasion (yelling) they find themselves laying face to face, legs tangled, trying to have an intimate cuddle. jean tries to get eren to relax and enjoy it, running his hands up and down eren’s back and sides, but ends up accidentally tickling him. cue eren snort laughing and flinching, his knee shooting up and smashing jean in the crotch

the next five minutes is spent with jean groaning in pain (“you fUCKTRUCK” “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS”) and eren laughing like a dork and trying to be concerned

they both agree they were better off before

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Some might say you're shazzy but to me you're very jazzy Stay classy *Wink Wink*

R u a poet


My partner in crime, shazzi, my princess is leaving me in a few hours let us all say a prayer that she will hate college and steal her money back so we can run away and buy all the Big Macs 😘