Shayetet 13 naval commandos landed on a northern Gaza beach, where their target was a rocket launcher firing long-range missiles toward Israel. According to a well-placed Israeli source, the commandos were ambushed and repelled by Hamas fighters. There was a huge firefight involving heavy weapons and the special forces were forced to withdraw with four wounded. None were killed on the Israeli side. The IDF says it killed three Hamas fighters, though this is unconfirmed on the Palestinian side. 

The commandos were repelled and never destroyed the rocket launcher. Though certainly later battles between the IDF and Hamas forces will not necessarily go as well for the Palestinians, the fact that they gave the IDF a bloody nose, is a major victory. Especially considering the drubbing that Gaza has been taking from Israeli forces. 

This is the same commando unit which massacred 10 Turkish activists on the Mavi Marmara. Also, the same unit which commandeered a ship off the shore of Sudan and pirated it to an Israeli port claiming it contained weapons destined for Gaza. The only problem? A UN report said the weapons on the ship were bound for … Sudan. Surprise!But when it comes to sabotaging the ships activists use to break the Gaza blockade, Shayetet 13 does a terrific job of sinking them in acts of terror in foreign countries against civilian targets. In fact, this may’ve been the last “successful” Shayetet 13 raid!

Contingency plans

I’m training for the US Navy going for an NSW rating. MARSOC, Ranger, SF, PJ/CCT are my back ups in that order.

But if something happens where either I get injured or arrested for something stupid (90% chance won’t happen cuz I’m a good boy lol) and can no longer join the US military, 

I have several plans of action that I can take and honestly will. I’ll still love America, but I’ll find a way to go overseas and stop bad guys.

1) Take Hebrew at my college, convert to Judaism (not really, it will just say so on paper). Go to Israel, and join the Israeli Defense Force through their lone solider program and volunteer for a spot in their tryouts for the Shayetet 13.

2.) Learn french and join the French Foreign Legion

3.) Apply for citizenship and join Australian armed forces