shaydoodles: That’s something I can understand feeling down about. It isn’t easy to deal with friends, and humans can be so complicated with their emotions. It seems wrong that they wouldn’t tell you about it. I feel like you should express these feelings to them; if they are truly your friend, they would be honest with you.

liquidsharpie: Thank you, friend! But more importantly, I love you all!

stormsgonewrong: You never need to thank me… I’m just doing my duties. But you are most welcome, and stay strong!

sennanydiel: I’m very sorry to hear about your situation, friend. I know that, truly, there are few things that can be said that can help your situation, but I’m glad that I can somehow make your days a little bit better. If you ever need me or the mod, we will be here to listen.

shaydoodles asked:

Soo for the asking numbers thingy 1 7 10 12 21 32 35 44 54 77 100 128 132 133 140 141 144 148 Mwahaha B)

1. Who was the last person you held hands with? Taylor, I think

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now? Probably not as I’m not really looking for one but I mean who knows

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? I think it was either you, Ellie, or my dad tbh

12. What are your five favorite songs right now? Take Me To Church, Oah, Last Midnight, This Is How We Do, Back in Black

21. What are your bad habits? Procrastination, never answering my phone, and biting my nails

32. What celebrities would you have a threesome with? Toby Regbo and Kat Dennings 😭😍

35. Would you rather live without tv or music? No.

44. Trip to outer space or the bottom of the ocean? SPACE AF

54. Favorite store? Either Charlotte Russe, Hottopic, Teavana, Lush, or Toys R Us

77. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla 5 lyfe

100. How are you feeling? Super tired and a little stressed but really happy because I actually accomplished some filming I wanted to do

128. Would you change your name? My middle name, maybe

132. Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with? I just answered this?? Cx

133. Favorite lyrics right now? I knew you years ago, what I want I don’t know but let’s just say it’s love

141. Night or day? Night by far

144. Dark, milk, or white chocolate? Milk or white I don’t like dark chocolate

148. What’s your favorite quote? The criterion of reality is it’s intrinsic irrelevance.

Thanks for the ask ☺️

sound-board-controls asked:

1, 4, 29

1. Romantic interests : I don’t have a romantic interest at the moment. I have many celebrities and Internet personalities who I think are gr9 and cute and stuff, and I find some people at my school attractive appearance-wise, but I haven’t yet caught myself a case of the feels. Cx

4. Best friend : my oldest best friend who I still consider my best friend is Taylor Wilson or probably-taylor-okay bc she’s always been my bro for like three years now I think. She’s trustworthy and beautiful and hilarious and awesome. Some of my other best friends are Shaelyn or shaydoodles and she’s a insanely sweet person and a very talented artist. Love her. I also really enjoy talking to a couple of my internet homies like loveino (we’re actually long lost friends from a past life I think) and mortisbane and queers-4-fears yepppp there ya go

29. Writing : ah yes writing. English/writing has always been one of my two best areas in school and I’ve always enjoyed writing fiction. I haven’t been working on any of my original pieces lately as I’ve been writing requests and generally goofing off writing but I think I’m making some pretty kick ass fanfics rn also I guess does rping count as writing yeah it does that too but I love to use any kind of writing as a distraction from everything else in life yep


shaydoodles asked:

34. 33. 29. ^3^

34: Already answered, so I guess I’ll just say boobs are v nice

33: Respect from people I look up to, unexpected compliments, and compliments on things like my writing rather than my boobs or face. Yep. Makes me feel good cx

29: I very very rarely lie, actually. But I guess I’ve lied out of embarrassment or for their own good in the past. I try to avoid lying though