The Weight - Shawn Mendes imagine

Imagine based on the weight by Shawn Mendes:



*Shawn’s pov*

There she was the girl I had loved more than anything, my life, my dedication, my love but in somebody else’s arms.

I knew for a couple of days things weren’t going right, I tried to ask her but every time shed push me away and walk away. What had I lacked, why does he have that I don’t?. These thoughts haunted me.

*Your pov*

I walk in to see Shawn laying on our bed, I had told him that I’m going for run but Matt called me over to his house and I couldn’t control myself but kiss him which lead on to another. I told him this would be the last time, like I’ve been telling him for the past month. It’s been two months I’ve been cheating on Shawn I can’t barely look at him without the guilt killing me within.

“hey Shawn you algood?” I asked.

“aw baby girl what could be wrong with me, unless im getting boring for you” he giggled and walked of.

*Shawn’s pov*

“hey Shawn” she called out, tears sprinkled down my check but I wiped it so she couldn’t get a glance.

“I think I need time, I can’t do this anymore” she said without hesitation crying almost. “I’m sorry I hope you can understand” she said while slamming the door and running out.

I shattered how could it all just end like this, 5 years, how did she just throw it out like that. ”AHHHHH” I screamed, I threw our photo frame on the ground, and kicked the side table.

“No baby No how did I” I picked up the shattered pieces of glasses clearing it of the picture of her. I picked the photo up and held it against my chest before balling my eyes out.

2 months later

*Shawn pov*

She walked through the corridors hand in hand with Matthew.

“Hey Shawn” she smiled at me, that smile that would appear every time id strum my guitar but that had now appeared with matt.

“I’m sorry for everything that had happened with us, but I’m happy now with Matt”, she looked away why won’t she look in to my eyes ugh “I hope we can still be friends, I promise to change someday” she puts her hand forwards.

But I don’t wanna wait.

You're All I Want (part 2)

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You haven’t seen or talked to Shawn in a week since the incident. You know you still love him, and there won’t be a day where you’ll stop. Before all of your pointless arguments he used to be different. He’d find the stupidest excuses just to hold you or just to come over. You remembered the one time when you were home alone, and Shawn came over because he said that someone can rob you any second. He was a little dork, and that night you two spent the night watching Harry Potter  because he loved it. You couldn’t stand being mad at him, and this is longest you’ve went without talking to him even for a second. You knew that if he came over right now smiling, and begging for your forgiveness you would forgive him. It was a cycle, you two would get into a fight then the next day or the same night he’d come over apologizing. You couldn’t help that his smile just made you melt inside because he was all you ever wanted, and all you needed. You were in your bed listening to your usual playlist that consisted of: The 1975, Lana Del Rey, The Arctic Monkeys, Sky Fereria etc. Occasionally, a song that Shawn sang would come up, and you’d be back to where you were just hours or even minutes before, crying your eyes out. The bruise on your cheek has almost fully faded, but the pain was still felt. You haven’t told your parents about Shawn; you’ve been hiding it with makeup until it faded. You knew that your dad would go after Shawn, and you don’t want to see him hurt. You had no clue where you and Shawn stood at this point. Your friends have been bothering you about what’s going on with you and Shawn; some would even come visit, and go into your room. You heard your door open, and you pulled the sheets over your head, “I’m not in the mood today Gilinsky, go home,” 

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