I’m curating an exhibition of Harris Tweed which will go on the road later this year. In the course of research I’ve come across a talented young photographer, Carol Ann Peacock, who has been recording some of the processes of tweed weaving, people and products.  Do visit her website to take a look at her portfolio - great portraits and images of places in Scotland and Scottish icons.

The private screening room is at Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow - a 5-star establishment, not long opened, that has used luxurious Harris Tweed fabric in much of its interior furnishing.  What a wee cinema - imagine the fun choosing which seat according to your favourite colour, mood and tweed!

Scent of Whisky

Designers at Heriot-Watt University are developing a tweed fabric imbued with the sweet, peaty scent of scotch. Such a concept could only originate in one place, and sure enough, Heriot-Watt is located in Scotland, a couple hours south of Edinburgh. The university’s School of Textiles and Design is leading the push to make this whisky-scented fabric, with partners including Johnnie Walker and Harris Tweed Hebrides on the Isle of Lewis. The cloth will incorporate a smoky Aqua Alba fragrance meant to mimic Johnnie Walker Black and is said to emit aromas of “rich malt” and “golden vanilla,” as well as “red fruit and dark chocolate tones.” The whisky perfume is driven so deep into the fabric that it won’t come out in the laundry. Donald Mackay, in charge of finishing at Harris Tweed’s Shawbost mill, said this was the first smart fabric he has worked with that had been successfully designed to withstand multiple dry cleans. “I have worked with aromas in the past but they were only meant to withstand one dry clean. The process we have devised for Johnnie Walker means that this scent is layered into the fabric throughout the finishing process and is permanently imbued in the tweed,” he said.


A new fabric has been created using Harris Tweed that will permanently give off the smell of whisky.

一种用哈里斯花呢(Harris Tweed)面料发明的新型纺织品能永久性的释放威士忌酒香。

The cloth has been developed by Heriot Watt University’s School of Textiles and Design in Edinburgh and Galashiels. The “smart fabric” has been developed for Johnnie Walker Black Label and Harris Tweed Hebrides.


The scent called Aqua Alba has been designed to replicate aromas released from a glass of whisky, known as the nose of the liquid.

这种名为“Aqua Alba”的香气,模仿了以嗅觉酒精而著称的威士忌所释放的味道。

According to Johnnie Walker, the cloth smells of “rich malt, golden vanilla, red fruit and dark chocolate tones”.


The tweed used was woven at Harris Tweed Hebrides’ mill in Shawbost on Lewis and has the colors of the ingredients of Johnnie Walker Black Label.


Brian Wilson, the company’s chairman, said the scent was a “subtle aroma” that reflected the “key notes of the nose of the liquid”.

该公司董事长布莱恩·威尔逊(Brian Wilson)表示,这种气味是一种非常微妙的香气,是反映嗅觉酒精的主题味道。

The first of a range of products by Milan-based designer Angelos Bratis will be unveiled in Berlin later, before being marketed in Germany, Greece and Belgium.

第一批由米兰设计师安耶洛斯·布拉迪斯(Angelos Bratis)设计的该系列产品将首先在柏林推出,随后在德国,希腊和比利时上市。

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'Ain't That Ducky?' Looney Tunes cartoon from 1945 starring Daffy Duck and featuring Raymond Scott's brilliant 'Huckleberry Duck'. See the Raymond Scott Project live on tour, beginning this evening in Shawbost.