Gijinka eevveeeeee!!…well Kinda

My buddy Zimmay drew the other(fan) evo’s of eevee, seen here. And I thought it’d be fun to draw one! I picked the ghost one, because I thought of it’s design would lend well to a cool spacesuit outfit and it’s eyes remind me of HAAAAAAAALLLLLLL. I name this one Dead Space, cuz space and lolololghostpokemon. I guess you could also say the game but i never actually played it, so i don’t think that’s valid for my puns. 8(

ohgod i so dizzy @u@ *rolls away*

Today is KELPIES!!

For those that don’t know, which i doubt any of you know, I love Celtic myths/lore/music/whatever, also Irish and scottish things too. So it’s provide I <3 Kelpie’s too. Going on this is my half-Kelpie character, who has no affinity for water or dripping manes; nor the lust to carry her rider down to the deep cold rivers to drown. But i figured her feathering and tail are always clean crispy white, cold skin, and overly strong pony power. But only as a pony, other than that she works in a tavern with her parents, and likes to cook pub food. Oh did i also mention that i can’t draw horses? I can’t. 8( *tears*

Day 2!

This is a new chara i made, whom I don’t have a name for, i’m so bad with names LOL! Anyways she’s an old time witch, who doesn’t have a cat familier, that black cat is actually her, when she pissed an YE OLDE Fair peeps. Her dress is off this character called the WATCHER from kekkaishi manga, cuz oboy i love that design/i love kekkaishi. So i had to steal it. And also on her it reminds me of a pie, hence why i drew her in a pie being the black bird. HUR. WHY AM I SAYING ALL THIS?! I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE. MY GOD I’M SO HUNGRY I’M GONNA GO EAT SOMETHING. *tumbles away*

Sorry i haven’t been posting, i’ve been running around trying to finish up work + i feel kinda illish for some reason! ANYWAYS, i’ve been holding this hoping to clean it up a bit more, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon till work’s finished, so here’s a sketch :>

Day 4! Messy game between Berron S. And Key Lime. Berron likes his little games he gets to play! These two are a Strawberry Smoothie and a Key Lime Pie! Then a picture of Churro and Taco. Taco’s probably telling him he looks like a douche with his hair that long, and Taco’s telling her she’s one to talk. My colors are messy because i suck and slapped them on :0

Strawberry Smoothie suggested by Cotloves

Key Lime Pie suggested by Celttabikat

Taco suggested by Pendejadas