How to Make Shaved Legs Last Longer

Exfoliate Your Skin
Before you even start trimming your hair, grab your favorite skin scrub. Exfoliating before shaving will get rid of any dead skin cells and also help raise any little hairs hiding beneath the surface of the skin, enabling you to get a closer shave.

Use a Good Razor
When choosing a razor, make sure you select the one that’s best for your skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin, select a razor that has a moisturizing strip. Getting a close shave is essential because the closer the shave, the smoother your legs will be and the longer the hair will stay away, Also, opt for a razor with multiple blades.

Shave Up
Begin shaving at your ankles, and shave each leg upward against the hair growth. This is another tactic that will give you the closest shave and a little extra time before stubble appears. (Interesting!!!)

Apply Moisturizer Afterward
After you step out of the shower, apply moisturizer to your legs while they are still a little damp. Doing this will keep your skin smooth and your hair soft. (Source


The Art of Manliness Shaving Line

While participating in “no shave November” remember that there’s trans women and non binary folks who literally have to shave regularly, most of the time everyday, or their lives are at risk. So putting down folks for not participating/making it some sort of ~feminist~ must-do is harmful. It’s 100% possible to have autonomy and not be a transmisogynst while doing it.

So I noticed something in the shower today. I was halfway done with shaving my legs, and they kind of looked like the picture above (couldn’t take an actual photo of mine, cause, yaknow, I was IN THE SHOWER- so I googled a good approximation). And instantly I understood why people shave, and why it’s so, so problematic. 

It’s racism.

Hear me out. Yes, it’s also patriarchical beauty standards, but why did that one come about? Look at the two legs- look how much lighter the shaved one looks. It’s the same trend as skin whitening and other things that let people prove that they’re definitely not PoC. White people too, shaving so they don’t look like they have dark skin. Because obviously dark skin would be terrible, amirite?

I had to finish shaving, because one shaved leg looks really silly, but I think I’m gonna stop. I’m proud of my skin color. And looking at my legs next to each other made me really notice how pervasive racially-motivated oppression really is. Even the critics of shaving are criticizing it for being a male demand, and it is- but it’s also a white demand, and that is super problematic.