I have shaved my head for the third time. It was a hard decision but definitely the right one for me. I don’t regret it one bit. I took this picture to represent that women can still be and feel sexy without hair. And I am not a size 2. I can be insecure. But this is me.

You are all beautiful. Every single one of you. Whether you have hair or you don’t; whether you are a size zero or a size twelve; you were put on this earth for great things. Don’t let society’s idea of “conventional beauty” hold you back. Be strong. Be real. Be you. <3

Finale shaved my head tonight :) Having alopecia won’t ruin my days anymore! It’s strange, but I kind of like it. No hair, don’t care! And on the other days I have my lovely follea wig ^^
#alopecia #nohairdontcare #shavedhead
Also.. Mass Effect Jack cosplay?

First photo in years that I can look at and say “yes, that is me”.

If you want to shave your head, do it! There is nothing more liberating. 
It is Good practice for Confidence! The first time I shaved it, I felt odd and unfeminine. I wore a bandana everyday to try and cover it up. This time around, I roll out of bed & leave it alone.. BUT I always wear a huge SMILE! :) Who defines your femininity? I feel more free than every before in my 21 years!!! 

If you like your long hair, Great! If you don’t like your long hair, OFF WITH IT!


I have been going through a lot lately and needed to make some major changes. So I made a symbolic change reflecting gender stereotypes, vanity, and perceived beauty by shaving off all of my split, damaged, fried, and frankly unhealthy hair. My loving boyfriend, who absolutely loved my hair, has agreed to be supportive. I have also gotten wonderful support from my friends so far, including one of my closest friends helping me do the actual shaving (it’s really hard to shave the back of your own head).