The Academy (Page 1)

They don’t really give you a choice.

Drag you around like a dog on a leash, letting you know what kind of bad mutt you are.

But K rarely cared, never much had the chance to take for granted what you might. He wakes up just hoping that he didn’t lose a limb in the process of gaining a quick moment of shut eye. Hell, even the thirst that consumes his body takes a backseat to the nervous tick that gets at him, gripes at him.

He shouldn’t be alive, and just knowing that toys with him, lets him know that he’s just luck’s bitch and he should be so fucking thankful.

I’ve created a temporary tumblr to hold this comic until I decide to officially host it on my own website. For now tumblr is a nice and quick way to upload a gif-licious comic.

See my other art at sharpiehero.tumblr.com


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Digimon is one of those series that essentially raised me and still holds a terribly strong hold on my heart. The comic is half about digimon, half about imaginary friends, and maybe sort of about what courage has come to mean to me in a way too. There’s a few creative liberties (mostly in regards to that terrible ending) but I’m cool with that.



I couldn’t get the damn gif version working without it coming out blurry so if you’d like to see it animated, etc, you can see it here. I promise it’s beautiful or I’ll get it somehow working eventually. Halp I don’t know how to tumblr and post not blurry terrible images i’ve made.

Vod and Oregon

A bit more sketch-y than my other work, but wanted to do a quick tribute. I love me some Fresh Meat and these two ladies are sooo freaking wonderful. I definitely miss their bond of Season 01, but I’m glad their friendship is still solid in 2. Just wish they had more story-lines together. 

If you don’t watch it, do it! It’s British, hilarious, and on hulu for free viewing. 

Pegasus and Chibi

Riffin on Lady and Pebbles, the awesome Adventure Time episode a week ago which totally inspired this.

I must admit that slowly I’ve begun to really really love Bubblegum as she’s grown and developed. Maybe it’s because she’s a slightly bonkers nerd. And so i wanted to do something for the epic team.

Now I know this isn’t a perfect fit as Helios and and Chibi get busy, but whatever. Small deets.

Field Trip


So I haven’t quite yet covered what it is I do, career-wise. While I really do a range of things, I am currently graced with the very awesome job of working at Scholastic on Magic School Bus and thought, what better way to reveal that then making some art.

Over the past few months I have gone from having a fond nostalgia for the show to becoming a near expert about the characters and dinosaurs. I’ve got to say, dinosaurs are awesome and these kids are hella charming (and if you’re wondering I do have a favorite and it is 100% carlos, gotta love them terrible puns).

Family Portrait



Your hair, your eyes, your lips…they are all that remain of our mother,

and if that were not the case, I would surely strangle you to death right now.

Ah the Blights, what a perfectly fucked up family. I really aimed to portray Jilia a little darker than she is in the games. The more I replay the more I love her role, and see it as far more complex than it comes off. I’d still kill for a Highland perspective playthrough of SII. Can you feel the angst tonight?

Charcoal Boy Animation Preview

Hi everyone! My lack of updating has not meant a lack of content! I’ve been stuck in a large work black hole and will be able to start revealing more details in December :D. First thing I started working on is developing the animation for Charcoal Boy which you may have seen some of the storyboards/early concepts for back some time ago. The short is close to my heart and based off of a short story i developed a few years ago. For now here’s a small preview of what is to come. Here is the introduction of Lilith :)