Happy Halloween!  We’ve reached the end of our countdown to Halloween, a series of posts about Fewdio’s “Nightmare House,” our horror anthology web series / laboratory for on-line and social media experiments.

The final film that we will highlight is “The Tap,” a nasty little tale of destructive seduction, as well as the culmination of a number of clues and connections seeded throughout the series.  If you have not already seen - or haven’t seen it lately, go ahead, take a few minutes and actually watch the video below, we’ll wait for you.

Both of the previously referenced films, “Door 17" and "The Tale of Haunted Mike" include prominent shots of posters advertising a go-go dancer named Fey performing at a club called "The City of Dis.”

But Fey makes her first appearance, very much in the flesh, in “The Tap.”

We mentioned the phrase “destructive seduction,” right?  Fey is the embodiment of the honey trap, sweet but poisonous, a gorgeous little sociopath that will have you thinking that you actually want her to watch you die a painful death.

For storytellers, the real fun of Fey is that she works the same way both inside and outside the story.  Inside, she lures the protagonist.  Outside, she lures the audience.  Hence, the choice of full-frontal nudity in the first minute of the film.  The surprised audience, like the stammering hero, has no idea what to expect from that point on.  And from that point on the gratuitous sex and violence becomes increasingly unpleasant.  Our hero keeps on delving deeper down the rabbit hole, though, doesn’t he?  He does so as long as you keep watching.

The Tap" as a whole, and Fey specifically, was created as an experiment in that kind of audience engagement.  The short begins with pretty, warm, golden-hued images of a bohemian pad in Topanga Canyon, and ends in naked awfulness in a cold, harshly lit basement in the valley.  The illicit promise of Fey leads the audience deeper and deeper, out of simple curiosity or simple prurience, until at last they regret having wanted to see what they saw.

One of the questions we are most often asked is why we chose to blur the nudity.  Often fans have assumed that the blur was an attempt to avoid the YouTube ban that was slapped on the film in its first hour posted.  In fact, the nudity was blurred from the beginning.  A single unblurred version was created for the film’s debut at Fantastic Fest with the intention of causing a stir.  Fantastic Fest's main venue, the Alamo Drafthouse, is a temple of ultimate geek-cred and we knew that we could count on the cool kids and tastemakers to spread the word about Fewdio, if we could get their attention.  (It did.)  As for YouTube, we had always assumed that “The Tap" would be banned anyway.  We wanted the ban.  What good horror series goes unbanned?  And the direct benefit of the YouTube ban was a sudden uptick in traffic to when the lucky few fans who saw the film before the ban sent their friends in search of the “too hot for YouTube” short.  The real reason for the blur?  It makes you wonder what you are not seeing and why.  If you are like us - you don’t have to admit it - the blurs make you want to see what is being kept from you even more.  It actually makes the nudity seem dirtier, more forbidden.  And one thing you can say about forbidden fruit: it gets eaten.

In a fun gear-shift of expectation, after all of the sexy tease “The Tap" throws a change up - the handsome young protagonist isn’t interested in Fey at all.  It’s the drug he wants.  It’s the Tap that he wants.  Fey just makes sure that he gets it. "The old-fashioned way."

We hope that you enjoyed this trip down the rabbit hole known as Fewdio’s “Nightmare House.”  Have a safe and Happy Halloween, and thanks for reading SharpCrye.

There’s a project that we’ve been working on these past few months call Tales Of Desolation.
To put it simply, it’s a story. A story told out of sequence, in fragments of image and text. A serialized photo book, if you will. A way for us to play with the stories that bounce around in our heads.
We hope you find it compelling enough to follow along, no matter where it takes you. And it will take you places.
  • We will be releasing new chapters every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • You can choose to view all of the chapters currently released – “all”
  • You can choose to view the chapters in the order that they are released – “sequential”
  • Or you can choose to view chapters involving specific characters – “mom” “girl” etc.
We hope that you enjoy our story. And if you do, please let us know. And if you don’t, you’re welcome to let us know that, too. But don’t be an asshole. There are already too many of them in the world.
Click on the link below or click-through on the image above. 

The deadlines loom week-after-week. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Deadlines we’ve placed on ourselves, but deadlines we’ve been hell-bent on meeting. It’s been fun and exhausting and frustrating and exhilarating and damn near everything else in between. And regardless of the response, it’s been ours. That’s been the goal with this project, Tales of Desolation. To tell a story in a way that we had not done previously, and to do it entirely ourselves, with absolutely no outside help. That’s an interesting notion for guys that have spent the past 15+ in the movie and tv business; the idea of being able to create and distribute a story without any outside input or permission. 

In truth, it’s also been a bit of an experiment for us. Can we tell these stories, in this kind of way - entirely over the internet - and still pursue other projects that are more time and resource-intensive? And yes, we proved to ourselves that we can. 

So here we are, 60+ chapters of Tales of Desolation released over the past 30+ weeks, with another dozen to go. Yep. There it is. 80 chapters is the cap on this story. At least for now. 

We’ve proven to ourselves what we needed to prove, so we want to move onto the next project. A much bigger project. A much more in-depth project. A project that will have us launching an entirely new, far more intricate website, and releasing individual chapters on a monthly basis. Chapters of between 6000 and maybe 20,000 words. (Yes, that’s a lot of words.) Moreover, we’ll be doing that over the course of three years. Thirty-six chapter in total. (We said it was big.) But that’s just one part of it. This project is also visually intensive. We’re in the midst of multiple photo shoots. (Ooph.) Animals and kids, they said, just don’t work with ‘em. Pffft. We haven’t listened. We’ve also partnered with artists and craftsman from all over the world to create stunning one-of-a-kind and short-run handcrafted pieces to go along with the project. No, really. (It’s kinda nuts what happens when nobody is there asking us “what does it all mean?”) 

Yeah, so, that’s kinda it. Tales of Desolation will be ending at 80 chapters. Maybe forever, maybe for now. We’ve had a blast doing it, and are incredibly thankful for the support of people we know and people we don’t. Those who have played along and offered us the feedback that any creators want to hear. 

And keep an eye out on our SharpCrye website and Facebook page for that next project (and a couple other surprises). We’ll be giving you more details over the next couple of months. 

We hope you’ll stick around for the last dozen chapters as things come together (hopefully).

Thank you for the support.

John and Todd.

We love to create and we love creators.  Questlove, Black Thought, and the Roots are just the kind of creators that we love… because they love to create and you can feel that love in everything they do.  If you need any proof that their creative hearts are in the right place, check out this article from Joe Berkowitz of Co.Create, wherein Questlove lays down the absolute truth about the decline of the music industry: There has never been a better time to be a creator.