gonna make sharknife shirts. black, white, or both? which do you like?

i think the black is kinda the clear winner, with all 3 characters having individual color, etc. but i still kind of like the messiness / superflat style of the white one.

don’t know what sharknife is? maybe check out the books

**shirts not available yet— i will make a big stink when they are in production trust me 

I read Sharknife at a sort of important time. I was taking art classes in high school and was frustrated that I was having problems with still life. I thought it was unfair that it was so difficult for me. I foolishly assumed that because I was more practiced than most of my class, all art should just happen for me. No one told me that good art takes work. I was still bummed because I was like 16 and Eiichiro Oda got his big break when he was young and I couldn’t even place in a state contest(that I didn’t try hard enough for). But I had also been following Corey Lewis and his art, and was so amped when my comic shop had a copy of Sharknife. I read it, let friends borrow it, got it back, than read it some more. He had put out so much work and it was stuff that made me happy when I got stuck or bummed out. It still does. 

So my Char Aznable marker commission from Corey Lewis just came.  I actually didn’t notice that it was on my doorstep when I went outside, so I stepped on it and it really freaked me out, ha ha.  Though as soon as I saw what it was I exclaimed “SWEET” and immediately went back in to scan it.  I’m super happy with it and if you think this is cool you should totally check out the dude’s comic, Sharknife.

Lewis Levels Up With “Sharknife Double Z”

Corey Lewis talks about the upcoming SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z (six years in the making) in a new interview with Comic Book resources and hooooooly fuck I am hyped for this book.

"When it became clear to me that this would be a series I work on probably throughout my whole comix life, I felt it necessary to build up the importance of why ‘Sharknife’ exists, what he’s truly fighting, etc. The second book definitely addresses a lot of these aspects, but there’s a lot of room to expand on it, too. The second book is basically slapping Ceasar in the face, asking him why he fights. Subsequent books will go deeper into it. Like a shark, if Ceasar slows down, he could die.”